masturbate for peace

is it peace yet? or still war?
after i checked out this site i almost wished the war was still on, uhm not!
but oh well, i guess there’s always “enough” war for this here noble cause, brought to my attention by fuckthebuck
here are some of the bumper stickers they suggest:
* Cream your khakis, not Iraqis.
* Peace is spiffy, stroke your stiffy
* Don’t send the fleet, just beat your meat
* War is shit, rub your clit
* Side with France, reach down your pants
* Think globally, whack locally
* I’m going blind for Mankind
* War is silly, whack your willy
and my favorite:
* War is Crappy, Slap Your Pappy

let’s …

oh and there’s even a song to download: i cum in peace.mp3

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