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swiss new tech

:flash: Viol collectif de Zurich – “Les enquêteurs utiliseront les natels ayant servi à filmer la scène”; in zurich 13 boys, 12 underage – 1 young adult, rapped a 13 year old girl on several occasions, they filmed this attrocity on their mobilephones and shared the videos with their friends. these videos will now be used as evidence against them. shocking.

new stuff by swiss mates

:flash: bengston: hanzo – awhile ago bengston released this amazing new track, now available on vinyl at juno.

:flash: da sign and the opposite: why you woo – new release by da funky bern bwoys. sadly, they also redesigned their website … as a frameset!!! – thought those were officially illegal by now – so i can’t link to the release page directly.

:flash: streching with smatman episode 1 – “Aerobic workout with Smatman to practice at home and keep yourself healthy.”

:flash: ubersuper – sis’ new blog. looking great in his usual function follows form = content follows design style.

the wire AKA what every other blogger and his dog on the planet linked to

:flash: Microsoft unleashes improved Firefox – the register had to release this update so people would get the joke: “[Update: The msfirefox site went offline earlier this morning. Which may or may not have something to do with Microsoft lawyers. Thanks for all the emails and we’re sorry for spoiling breakfast for some Mozilla fans.]” [thx klav]

:flash: 27B Stroke 6 – “They aren’t directly on MySpace, of course — there’s no wi-fi on death row. But at least 34 of the 390 people awaiting execution in Texas have MySpace accounts maintained by friends or family.”

:flash: Kevin Mitnick’s Security Advice – when a hacker shares security advice we better listen. “Protecting yourself is very challenging in the hostile environment of the internet. Imagine a global environment where an unscrupulous person from the other side of the planet can probe your computer for weaknesses, and exploit them to gain access to …”

:flash: Someday, You Too Will Understand What You’re Talking About – deliciously arrogant title for a great reading list by bruce sterling.

:flash: Jello Biafra on Net Neutrality – jello still tells it like it is…

:flash: Air guitar T-shirt rocks for real – “The “wearable instrument shirt” is adaptable to both right and left-handed would-be rock stars.” how very PC of them.

:flash: 196 PS2 titles not playing correctly on PS3 – “CNET Japan is saying over 196 PS2 titles are not playing correctly (or at all) on the PS3. Some games function but lack any type of sound.”

:flash: Flying Spaghetti Monster Sighted In Germany – “a real-life sighting of the Flying Spaghetti Monster in Germany has me convinced: the FSM is that invisible old man who lives on a cloud.”

:flash: How to Fix Shows Like ‘Lost’ – i thought Lost lost me when they “terminated” mr. echo. but this analysis is slightly better. [via bb]

:flash: 9 great old punk videos – 9 vids for a nostalgic youtube session.

borat corner [and i still have not even seen the movie yet … which is prolly why i am still exited about it]

:flash: Borat Sequel? Let’s Hope Not – “To me… this is a HORRIBLE idea. Just plain HORRIBLE.”

:flash: Humiliated frat boys sue ‘Borat’ – borat sued by frat boys.

:flash: How I was duped by Ali G. – borat bashed by feminist.

free comic book download

:flash: TRANSMETROPOLITAN VOL. 1: BACK ON THE STREET – as a free download ! omg

:flash: TESTAMENT VOL. 1: AKEDAH – as a free download ! omg

and then

:flash: Kunstmuseum Bern | Six Feet Under – museum show dedicated to the way we deal with our dead. but a museum show named after a TV series? hmmmmm

:flash: Sony, Game Over? – tv report on problemchild sony: delayed ps3, exploding batteries etc. [french]

:flash: ARD plant eine Podcasting-Offensive – german tv station ARD plans to attack with podcast offensive. [german]

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