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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

:flash: The Open source gift guide – Open source hardware, software and more for the holidays – quaint ideas for open source christmas presents.

:flash: Exclusionary – more pinguins … weeeee [the project i am refering to does not have a permalink; “pinguins with angst”]

:flash: STEFAN G. BUCHER : 344 DESIGN – guy daily draws a monster, posts video to his vlog. [via ze]

:flash: A Screaming Comes Across the Screen – video of recuring film scream. “He brought a contract actor into his studio and rolled tape as the man did six brief, anguished screams in one take. These screams were then added to the Warner Brothers sound library, and over the next couple of decades they found their way into dozens of movies”

:flash: an indie and idm podcast: the letter g – a musical podcast that i will check out – once i am back on broadband …

:flash: Suicide is not an Option – “Suicide has always been an option. It’s as though I was born with the understanding that with the swallow of a pill I could change my life.”

:flash: – web banner search engine.

:flash: Networking | The Net as an Artwork | Tatiana Bazzichelli – “The book represents a first tentative reconstruction of the history of artistic networking in Italy, through an analysis of the realities which during the past twenty years have given way to a creative, shared and aware use of technologies…”

:flash: Children are our future – “the girl asked, “What is Cartier?” He said. “It’s the American Girl Place for big girls” (American Girl Place is that upscale doll store), and I burst out laughing. So he laughed and said, “Isn’t it?” and I said, “Oh, you are teaching her early”…”

:flash: Release of Report on ‘UK Artists, Copyright and Creative Commons’ – “The report suggests that one key reason for artists’ using CC is that they perceive standard copyright as too complex and costly. CC licences are an effective and practical tool for new media artists, who adapt existing work.” are UK artists smarter than the rest of the worlds?

:flash: COYLE AND SHARPE: These 2 Men Are Impostors – “Historic Pranks from the early 1960s recorded on the streets of San Francisco, often with a hidden tape recorder.” [via bb]

:flash: A Wii Workout: When Videogames Hurt – “They’re reporting aching backs, sore shoulders — even something some have dubbed “Wii elbow.””

:flash: 10 sexiest geeks – “This year, we’re asking for your help choosing the brainy men and women who filled your Google search boxes and fueled your dreams.” i know who my sexiest geek is …

:flash: bits2die4 shop – scarves made from merino wool with cute retro-game designs.

:flash: Bruce Lee to get own theme park – “But fan club chairman Wong Yiu-keung told The Associated Press he was not sure who is funding the planned park.” no money yet they still went ahead and laid down the foundation; thats the spirit…

:flash: Democracy 0.9.2 Released – Faster and Smarter – i got no arguments there.

:flash: black friday video – video of an action for black friday. hugs for sale. [thx michael]

:flash: Gold Farmers – “This documentary leads you into several different Chinese gold farms. Who opened those gold farms? How did this industry emerge? What international connections do the gold farm owners have?” [via waxy]

:flash: Protect your homebrew applications with DAS – i dunno about this … is this saying DRM is not always bad?


:flash: Sex Drive Daily – “what if you can be sued for blogging your sex life? Where is the balance between privacy and expression?” sex blogger sued by ex-lover

:flash: Zune, Creative Commons Don’t Mix – “Microsoft’s efforts to loosen up access to closely held music owned by record labels has an unintended consequence: It punishes artists who want to share.”

:flash: eMusic: wiredstore – 25 free mp3s to download, no drm, wired somehow envolved. where is the catch? [could not test it on 56K]


:flash: Hirschhorn | Emma Kunz – in a new installation swiss artist hirschhorn used images of late artist emma kunz, who he has always quoted as one of his major influences. the emma kunz center sues hirschhorn. this raises many questions on copyright and art. in art, when is something a quotation, when is it appropriation? [german]

:flash: Emma-Kunz-Zentrum klagt gegen Künstler Thomas Hirschhorn – “Ich habe das Urheberrecht nicht verletzt, ich habe Emma Kunz nur zitiert», sagte Thomas Hirschhorn”. nuts. [german]

:flash: bruno manser spielfilm – two swiss companies bought the filmrights to create a movie on ecological activist bruno manser, who spent much of his life in the jungle of bormeo helping the natives fight back the lumber companies, he is still missing, presumed dead. [german]

:flash: News in 100 seconds – “In conjunction with the Swiss television channels SF (German) and TSR (French), Swisscom Mobile is bringing you the news direct to your mobile. Swisscom Mobile customers can now enjoy exclusive access to the 100-second broadcast, which is updated hourly…”

:flash: Lumolith – Aktuell
“Liebe Leute dies wird das grösste Werk in meiner Künstlerkarriere! Herzlich San” san keller will dance around a huge light structure in burgdorf.

:flash: forum für architektur und gestaltung burgdorf – fag burgdorf – fag-burgdorf, bruhahahahahahahaaaaa … ok srz!

:flash: DOPEPOSE – “What we like: – overdressed people! – oldschool pics! – special backgrounds, like graffs, big cities, your bedroom.” [via stillalive]

:flash: Stunning vintage Swiss telephones – “Now this is timeless design. The original model of this Bakelite wall phone was introduced in the early 1930s by the Swiss Telephone Authority.”

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