sophisticated dolce far niente

let’s face it. i lead a great life. i have lots of fun with my activities and quite enough to do with them, thank you. (but i also notice how i call them “activities” and not “work”. why?)
i am constantly improving my websites. blogging is fantastic. surfing the internet searching for exiting things. as a dj i work on my mixes and check out new music. plus there’s the fun stuff like reading great books, playstation, football and watching dvds.
guess what, my days are full. sometimes there’s not even enough time to cook a nice meal. my days go by in bliss, do they?
they should, yet something or somebody keeps naging me, that i should get a job. guilt spoils it all. i feel judged, i imagine people calling me lazy, complacent, a sinner. the whole protestant workethic bullshit is deeply implanted in our society and i can feel it, man. its a bad vibe.

well, today i decided to turn it around. i dont need a job, i have enough work as it is. why should i get a job? if at all, the job should get me. if there’s a job out there that needs me, i’ll gladly accept it and give my best. but don’t make me look for one, i am happy doing much of nothing.
if people ask me what i am doing, i always say: i am looking for a job. why?
i never mention all my fun “activities”. i never say: my work is sophisticated dolce far niente. i am the hip and cultivated eye watching it all.
do i need to call myself “artist” to justify my life? why?
“the unemployed do not suffer from not having work, they suffer from not having money” i read somewhere

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