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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]


:flash: AMAZON NOIR ~ The Big Book Crime – “The Bad Guys (The Amazon Noir Crew: Cirio, Lizvlx, Ludovico, Bernhard) stole copyrighted books from Amazon by using sophisticated robot-perversion technology
coded by supervillain Paolo Cirio. A subliminal media fight and a covert legal
dispute escalated into an online showdown withthe heist of over 3000 books at
the center of the story.

:flash: Programatic – Post details: Piratebay blocks Swedish ISP – piratebay strikes back to protest blocks made of “As one of the larges websites in Sweden we will not sit silently and watch some of our basic rights be restricted.”

:flash: The Flaming Lips Dance Audition – Audition to Dance with the Flaming Lips on New Years Eve. videos uploaded here. more info.

:flash: Make my Mac green! – viral flickr campaign – hug your apple campaign.

:flash: Reason Magazine – South Park Libertarians – “We worked really hard making that show, and the reason you do it is because you want people to see it.” [via BB]

:flash: Putin – Stop Snitching – T-Shirt – i don’t really get it, but hey, anytime a bigshot politician gets dissed i am in…

:flash: – bush and blair kiss during their new years adress. viral for charity.

:flash: This year will be Britain’s warmest since records began, say scientists – “Britain is on course for the warmest year since records began, according to figures from the Met Office and the University of East Anglia yesterday.”

:flash: Tommy’s 12 Days Of Christmas – “When our son, Jam, died earlier this year our eyes were opened to the vast vacuum of knowledge around prenatal and neonatal death.” joel veich animation fundraising for tommy’s charity.

:flash: The Good Die Young, Assholes Live Forever (MP3s)
“The good (Victor Jara) die young (murdered in 1973 at the age of 40), assholes (Augusto Pinochet) live forever (died peacefully today at the age of 91).”

:flash: Charitable giving guide for the end-of-year – Cory D. has posted the perfect geeky donations list to charities.

:flash: Codev2:Lawrence Lessig – “Code v2 was written in part through a collaborative Wiki. ”


:flash: A.K.A. Binsk – there’s an idea for 2006 review. post the first sentence from the first post of each month in 2006.

:flash: PikiPimp Upload your photo and add some bling! – Select an image from your computer/gallery you wish to pimp…

:flash: battlefield-large – “My new work “Commercial War” focuses on the power of ads and the misconceptions that ads can create.” [via VVORK]

:flash: East German Plastic – bruce sterling likes this book on DDR Design.

:flash: Bret Easton Ellis Developing TV Series – “Bret Easton Ellis, author of […] American Psycho has teamed up with Dave Kalstein to develop a “horror-tinged soap opera” for Showtime.” o_O_ this could be awful …

:flash: organic cotton panties – eat organic – “Buenostyle organic cotton panties are made with 96% organic cotton and 4% lycra so they keep their shape. We use only low-impact dyes which are less harmful to the environment. Also, this organic cotton is very soft to touch.”

:flash: Hazel Dooney Works – woman paints herself wrsetling herself. kinda sexy. [thx f]

:flash: Video Bomb – World of Warcraft Office Space Commercial – i am not sure this wow commercial is funny. is it?

:flash: The Naked Cigar Calendar Company 2006/2007 – girls with/on/in/under/above cigars.

:flash: Rick Dakan: G33k Mafia – self-published novel available for free download [via bb]

:flash: DJ Riko Christmas Music Mixes – “the DJ Riko Merry Mixmas collection is a holiday tradition that dates back to 2002.”


:flash: Wired News: How Stinky Gas Can Save the Earth – cow farts will save the world.

:flash: Shopping 2.0 – RSS Delivers Web’s Best Deals – “Thankfully, the proliferation of Web 2.0 technologies is giving birth to a new breed of shopping site that can help navigate this crowded marketplace. Sites like Offertrax, StyleFeeder and Mpire don’t sell anything at all. Rather, they improve purchasing intelligence by keeping an eye out for bargains and sending electronic alerts when it’s time to swoop in for the kill.”


:flash: TP: Wissenschaft als Web-Sampling – “Wie an Universitäten in Windeseile eine Textkultur ohne Hirn entstanden ist – In der gegenwärtigen (akademischen) Textkultur kommt es offenbar systematisch zu Texten, die nicht selbst geschrieben wurden und auch nicht von anderen gelesen werden. Der Text bleibt somit von Produktion und Rezeption relativ “unberührt”.

:flash: German gamers face jail for acts of virtual violence – “Players and creators of video games could face imprisonment for acts of virtual violence under draft legislation being drawn up by two of Germany’s state governments.”

:flash: Pendlerblog hört auf – “Dies ist der letzte Beitrag des Pendlerblogs [*14. Februar 2005; † 12. Dezember 2006]. Es war eine schöne Zeit. Kondolenzen nehmen wir gerne in den Kommentaren oder per Mail ( entgegen.” sigh. R.I.P.

:flash: TP: Apple und seine Silhouetten-Mädchenbilder – [german] steven jobs does not like vibrators?

:flash: TP: Kauf Dir eine Freundin! – “Wer bisher nämlich darunter litt, dass er in seinem so genannten Profil bei beispielsweise [extern] oder [extern] kaum Freunde oder als Freunde halt nur Leute wie Mama, Papa oder Frau Schulze präsentieren konnte, kann sich bei Fakeyourspace nun Freunde oder Freundinnen kaufen. Und sie anschließend auf seiner MySpace-Seite mit Bild stolz präsentieren. Und das Beste ist, diese erworbenen Bekanntschaften hinterlassen auch regelmäßig dort ihre Kommentare, Grüße und so weiter.”

esoteric/drugs [thx zoe]

:flash: Metagifted Education Resource Organization: Adult Indigos – “Are You an Adult Indigo? Yes, You can be an adult Indigo. ”

:flash: John Lilly – Programming & Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer – “All human beings, all persons who reach adulthood in the world today are programmed biocomputers. None of us can escape our own nature as programmable entities. Literally, each of us may be our programs, nothing more, nothing less.”

:flash: Erowid – “Erowid is a member-supported organization providing access to reliable, non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants and chemicals and related issues.”

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