cl1ck [img] 2 g3t m0re 1nf0: james brown

with all this bruhaha around james brown’s death (may he r.i.p. and may he not have too much trouble with god over who is da topdog in heaven [disclaimer: i do not believe in god!]) i almost forgot that i met a james brown in the early 90’s. he lived in a grouphome for the mentally disabled i worked for. james brown was of white ethnicity and looked like a (i am sorry but i can’t think of another word) neanderthal man. he had practically no ability to speak or communicate other than with an array of grunting noises. his favorite pasttime was sneaking up on people and breathing down there neck until they noticed, at which point a huge grin would spread over his face. at times he would even burst into spontanous dance, especially when the sprinklers in the garden went on, in the midst of them to be more precise. i adored him!

james brown dawg
james brown bird watcher
james brown wabbit

[edit: i had meant to publish this a few days ago, but only this morning noticed that i it was still in drafts and i had forgotten to publish it.]


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