pheew TBC ftw

with “The Burning Crusade” (the WoW addon) about to get released (16.1.) everyone (and his pet) is getting giddy in anticipation. the kids are starting to brag that they will receive their copy on the day of release – gullible fools that they are, falling prey to some vendors publicity stunt. i pre-ordered my copy about a month ago at solid, trusted but what a big shock it was, when i recently checked my order and it stated the ETA as 20. Januar – 5.Februar 2007. naturally i freaked. luckily the problem had an easy solution. i placed the order in conjunction with another product, a book, so this morning i decided to try and delete the book from the order. and lookee here, ETA now is 17. Januar 2007 – 20. Januar 2007. that’s much better!

but but but, i really don’t understand why blizzard would not sell this software over the internet? as a downloadable torrent?


i do realise, that this would have been the perfect opportunity to call it quits and give the World of Warcrack a rest.
but i might not have hit rockbottom yet.

World of Warcrack: The Burning Crackpipe

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