how about a quickie, my love?

springtime. lust.
everybody is horny.
everybody wants to do it.
everybody is holding it back.
we walk through town all civilised, while really we wanna go to town with complete strangers.
we want to jump them right here in the middle of the townsquare.
just a quickie behind those bushes, please?
just a threesome with me and my wife on that parkbench, okay?
outside in nature it gets worth.
we want to impregnate the fields, the forests. hump the trees. lick the flowers.
we want to do it, raw and wild.
where are the orgies of old days?
where are the smart uses of new media, like a quickie-humper-sms-service or the fuck-me-beeper?

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Jan Zuppinger has been writing this blog since 2002. He likes to grow vegetables. He likes to eat them too. He has opinions on everything, but sadly no one cares. Jan Zuppinger is not joking, just joking, he is joking, just joking, he's not joking. *click.