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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]


:flash: Liberation – Talib Kweli Madlib – talib kweli madlib liberates his brandnu album, makes it available absolutely free for download. the year 2007 in music could not start any better.

:flash: Nerdcore hip hop – Wikipedia – 2006 was the year nerdcore made it onto the map.

:flash: Best of Bootie 2006 CD – compilation of some of the best bootlegs in 2006.

:flash: Flickr: MIXTAPE – “~divide and take~ you make mixtapes? cool! post your mp3-link with a “cover” picture here!”

:flash: Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times!: Punk – “The sole purpose of this blog is to spread word about good music and do a little reflecting about it here and there.”

the weekly grind

:flash: WriteRoom 2.0 released for OS X – “WriteRoom is a writing app that tries to eliminate all other computery distractions while you’re focusing on writing.”

:flash: What Is Love? – “What Is Love? Baby don’t hurt me – Don’t hurt me no more – This is absolute GENIUS !” ’tis!

:flash: Paris Hilton says no to sex doll honou – “Paris Hilton: the hotel heiress has declined an offer to have a sex doll made in her image” oh noes!

:flash: Joel and Cap’n Pat on Sky News – “Joel and Pat talk about their ‘David and Goliath’ struggle against Coca Cola. Did they steal their song and and video?” they did. ’tis the struggle between evil bad naughty Coca Cola and a smirking bellylaughing b3tan.

:flash: Virtual reenactment of the Milgram Obedience Experiments – “A thought-provoking experiment has demonstrated how cyberspace can be used to overcome ethical constraints in experiments. Stanley Milgram’s 1960s experimental findings that people would administer apparently lethal electric shocks to a stranger …”

:flash: 365 Series January: Jonas Mekas – new york poet will publish a daily video in 2007. [thx mum!]

:flash: The Eat to Live Six Week Program – joi ito raves about this diet. i might give it go, lose my WoW extrapounds.

:flash: Sms Guerrilla Projector – i might have linked to this before, have i? lol, i am too lazy to search my own blog ???!!!???

:flash: :: Film & Video : HC SHORTS01: Roof :: – thoughtprovoking hillmann curtis short film.

:flash: cory doctorow interview – even if he hogs alot of attention in the blog world i still really like this guy not shy to express radical viewpoints.

:flash: WoW talk at 23C3 – joi ito WoW talk [or should i say babble?] at 23C3.

:flash: 23C3 – Lawrence Lessig – On Free, and the Differences between Culture and Code – Larry Lessig’s talk at 23C3.

:flash: Pocket Calculator’s Vintage Boombox and Ghetto Blaster Museum – me love boomboxes [via ubersuper]

:flash: Preview “BLOW UP” by Blumenbar – tom kummer previews his soon to be released book blow up.

:flash: Jimi wallet – Jimi wallets do look kinda online, but i would have to see one in RL to decide …


:flash: Wired News: Best Blogfights of 2006 – “If bloggers know how to do one thing really well, it’s fight.”

:flash: Is Apple The New Microsoft? – “Apple computer is facing a new lawsuit in the U.S. which claims that tying the iTunes Store to the iPod violates anti-trust laws.” hate to say i told you so …

:flash: Wired News: David Lynch’s Weird, Wired World – “What was it like shooting it in DV? Lynch: It’s a new world. The quality is pretty terrible, but I like that. It reminds me of the early days of 35 mm, when there wasn’t so much information in the frame or emulsion.”

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