isn’t this cool? asks steve

and i answer (and why would steve care): it is cool, steve, but even cooler would have been:

– not slaving the device to iTunes. or in other words leaving people the choice to either sync it via iTunes or by another method. that lawsuit ain’t going away, dude.
– not slaving the phone to one network, but instead having it work on all networks. gosh, i am scared to find out what network apple will choose in europe. vodaphone? let’s pray not.
– a modular structure that allows users to install or uninstall all software in a truely customised manner. i mean, if the phone is running os x, why not install just the os and let the user deal with the rest. we ain’t stupid, you know…
– gsm??? that’s so last century, to use one of your phrases.
– generally speaking, the phone is too strongly geared towards pulling people into the mac universe, syncing contacts via – i assume – adress book, bookmarks from safari (not the coolest browser there is … or a matter of opinion), etc.
– june 2007 in the us??? third quarter in europe?
– and regarding the presentation, if you place 200+ patents on this device, at least don’t brag about it in a culture that is shifting towards all things less copyrighted, open source, user-generated, hack customisation.
– and what’s with the brand name droppings, nbc, starbucks, etc etc …

but having said all this, the ui is so incredibly cool, i can’t wait to get my hands, or rather my fingers, on it. gief.

the keynote
the first interview after
the nokia n800 (running linux)

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