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art/street art

:flash: l.a. raven – anorexia art comes to zurich – twins living in amsterdam create art exploiting anorexia. now shown in zurich gallery.

:flash: Banksy : Shop – “Everything in the shop is free. All the images can be downloaded to print or use as a desktop.”

:flash: FKK GRAFFITI ACTION – “a naykid sprayer in action at 2006. filmed in hidden position.” gotta love the englilish. [via stillalive]

:flash: Mourning and digital culture – “I’m currently investigating the way new media artist and designers explore mourning, its rituals and the ways to keep some form of life after death”.

:flash: The Whores of Tel-Aviv – The Video – “In November we profiled a group of artists who to protest extremely high rent prices in Tel-Aviv, took to the streets with cardboard “whores” attempting to show the city government that they “had enough of prices going up day after day.” and here’s the video.

:flash: Patricia Waller – brilliant artist knitting situations that made me laugh.

:flash: womaniser – “Deitch Projects is pleased to announce a group exhibition of dangerous females featuring Julie Atlas Muz, Kembra Pfahler, E.V. Day, Breyer P-Orridge, Vaginal Crème Davis, Bambi, and Liz Renay. These artists utilize various media for their confrontational, edgy exploits but all share a background in cutting-edge performance.” does make me wonder if they understand the meaing of the word “womaniser”?


:flash: iPhone Countdown to June – uhm, like get a life dude. cute cutout iPhone for those who can’t wait till june.

:flash: Cisco Suing Apple Over “iPhone” – “Wasting no time at all, Cisco is suing Apple over the “iPhone” name, according to the Wall Street Journal.”

:flash: Top 5 Worst Things About The iPhone – “Here are the top five worst things about the phone, media player, computer and news frenzy” hah, many of the points the raise are the same i mentioned also a few days ago.


:flash: Siege of Ironforge – “Ironforge is under attack by Highlord Kruul”. pheew, the allies got attacked by Kruul as well …

:flash: RAW Data: Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night – “Please pardon my levity, I don’t see how to take death seriously. It seems absurd.” last RAW blog entry before he died …

:flash: Theme Magazine – excellent looking asian hiphop/graffiti magazine launches blogs.

:flash: Hugg – “Hugg is your source for user submitted green news. Want to hugg stories?” the digg for ecological news.

:flash: Sock Mobs – “There’s a relatively new phenomenon occurring online these days – an illusion of populist group hostilitiy I’ve come to call “Sock Mobs,” after the “sock puppets” people use to feign multiple identities in online conversations. […] It turns out, however, that many of these “gangs” of seemingly unrelated, individual posters are just one person.” socks!

:flash: Second Life Goes Open Source– First Thoughts, With Linden Lab’s Replies – “starting today, the company behind the user-created world will open source the code that runs the SL viewer.” interview w. linden cto cory ondrejka.

:flash: They’re Soft and Cuddly, So Why Lash Them to the Front of a Truck? – “All are soldiers in the tattered, scattered army of the stuffed: mostly discarded toys plucked from the trash and given new if punishing lives on the prows of large motor vehicles, their fluffy white guts flapping from burst seams and going gray in the ray in the soot-stream of a thousand exhaust pipes.”

:flash: The Urban Beast Project – “There exists an Urban Tradition among truck and van drivers of strapping found stuffed animals on their grills and allowing them to weather and rot. In 2000, I tracked hundreds of trucks with plush grill ornaments.”

:flash: Wired News: Who’s Killing MP3 and iTunes? – “Here are seven reasons why MP3 is the future of the music industry.” btw. did you notice how apple boss steve jobs appropriated that accomplishment in his recent keynote.

:flash: the soup nazi’s indian mulligatawny soup – the soup nazi’s mulligatawny soup was seinfeld kramer’s favorite soup.

:flash: die schweiz wählt eine neue hauptstadt – senden sie BERN an 977 (.50 pro sms) bis 14.1.2007.

:flash: Watch… – chimp toy and add from hell

:flash: Grand Illusions Ltd Music and Audio Toys – “Along the length of the strip is a pattern of fine ridges or lines. Run your thumb nail along the ridges, and the tape speaks. However the sound needs to be magnified, so that you can hear it. One method is to hold one end of the strip between your teeth.”

left-over end-of-year crap

:flash: 2006 blogs and mags discoveries – regine’s list of discoveries in blogs and mags for 2006 ain’t crap at all ….

:flash: my hopes for 2007 – flipflopflying can’t decide if he should wish for world peace or for a liverpool premiership win… both are not gonna happen. in this lifetime.

:flash: a very late happy new year… feliz 07 – great happy new year’s video human enactment of a brwoser window.

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