stop piracy campaign in switzerland redecorated [photos]

this silly, moralising ad campaign launched by to fight the piracy of music, software and cigarettes (!??) was redecorated last weekend in bern. pretty cool, me thinks.


ad text: “ain’t it strange: you download the music of your favorite singer via peer-to-peer network. And that’s how you ruin him. play fair stop piracy”

graffiti: “estimated wealth of jay-z: 320 mio. dollar”

stop-piracy software

ad text: “data- and software robbery are looked at as a gentlemen’s crime (kavaliersdelikt). so someone who depraves others of their salary is a gentleman? play fair stop piracy”

graffiti: “bill g. [gates] (51): richest gentleman of the world”

stop-piracy cigarettes

ad text: “fake, illegal cigarettes are not worth their price. they are produced without hygienic? nor quality control. play fair stop piracy”

graffiti: “hans k. (46): original lung cancer thanks to original cigarettes.”

[translations: mine] [thanx cornelia!] [photos: Lia B.]

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