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steve jobs anti-drm activist – lol

:flash: Warner insists on copy protection – “Warner Music has rejected a suggestion from Apple boss Steve Jobs that record companies should remove copy protection software from digital music downloads.”

:flash: Steve Jobs: Apple Would Love to Sell Unprotected Music – the discussion in comments is heated … as it should be

:flash: Apple – Thoughts on Music – “Apple would embrace it in a heartbeat. If the big four music companies would license Apple their music without the requirement that it be protected with a DRM, we would switch to selling only DRM-free music on our iTunes store. Every iPod ever made will …”


:flash: Random Acts of “Public Embroidery” – “To give a little life to drab seats on buses and trains in Sweden, Ulrika performs random acts of “public embroidery”

:flash: PingMag – Anonyous Drawings – Berlin’s hot drawing exhibition – “Anke Becker from Blütenweiss started an “Anonymous Drawing” project where art works from around the world get presented and sold without revealing any information that relate to the artist.”

:flash: Rubikcubist by Invader – a genius continuation of his space invader aesthetics.


:flash: World of Warcraft Super Mario Theme – mashup video merging super marion and WoW.

:flash: Avatars consume as much electricity as Brazilians – “looking at CO2 production, 1,752 kWH/year per avatar is about 1.17 tons of CO2. That’s the equivalent of driving an SUV around 2,300 miles (or a Prius around 4,000).”

:flash: Microsoft’s role in building a gaming community – “On a daily trip through the Internet, a typical gamer may see more than a handful of negative Sony stories, but how often do you see negative Microsoft news? Not very often.”

:flash: German Past Haunts Gamers’ Future – “Germany, ever mindful of its troubled history, keeps as close an eye on its past as it does its present and future. And that may spell trouble for certain video games.”

swiss news

:flash: ANTI-BLOCHER-BUCH – Ein Dutzend Autoren, ein Ziel: Die Vertreibung des Justizministers. [not online though …]

:flash: Stop-Piracy-Plakate kommentiert – die story war auch auf 20 minuten. ahhh.

:flash: anthrazit – Die 200 besten Websites der Schweiz 2007 > Weblogs – “1. Aeschbacher-Blog Von allen Promi-Weblogs der beste: Kurt bloggt emotional und persönlich und ermöglicht einen echten Blick über die Schultern direkt ins Herz. web: http://”

:flash: IP Phil – swiss lawyer/blogger on drm legal copyrights.

the messy rest

:flash: When Cory Doctorow Ruled the World – “Interviewing Cory Doctorow is easy. You just flip the on switch by asking the first question, and he emits a constant stream of brilliant, insightful stuff.”

:flash: JPG Magazine: Brave New Photography – “JPG Magazine is made by you! As a member, you can submit photos and vote on other members’ submissions.” the guy running this was at lift. nice stuff.

:flash: Liftlexicon – Home – “LIFT LEXICON is a -new- way to keep a record of the words spoken at each LIFT edition.”

:flash: Law Would Ban IPods When Crossing Street – “Walk, jog or bicycle across a New York street with an iPod plugged in your ears and you could get slapped with a $100 ticket under a new law proposed by a legislator from Brooklyn.”

:flash: habari – Google Code – wordpress fork that could be quite impressive.

:flash: Joost™ – “Yesterday, we were The Venice Project™. Today, we’re Joost™. Tomorrow, we’re yours!”

:flash: web2.0 in 5 minutes movie – data visualization & visual design – information aesthetics – “a (infographical?) movie, constrained to just text & pictures, explaining Web 2.0”

:flash: indexed: We’re all going to Hell. – sins and sub-sins …

:flash: googleSearchHistory – “I don’t like Google aggregating this data about me. It is possible to opt out. You can turn off search history recording in the settings page. You can also edit your history, including removing it entirely.”

:flash: kero » Blog Archive » 與菇有緣 !!! – i have no idea what it is saying but i love this blog

:flash: WIFI LIBERATOR Toolkit – 2007
“Wifi Liberator is an open-source toolkit for a laptop computer that enables its user to “liberate” pay-per-use wireless networks and create a free, open node that anyone can connect to for Internet access. ” [via gizmodo]

:flash: Little Mosque on the Prairie – Clash of Civilizations as a sitcom. blame canada, all episodes on google video. [via de-bug]

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