birdsong can suck

there are two situations in which birdsong is not cheerfull at all – quite the opposite even.
birdsong sucks, after you stayed up all night and you go to bed just as the birds decide, that it’s daytime now.
birdsong kills, if you woke up early because you had to take a leak and you are trying to get back to sleep, but the birds have decided, that it’s daytime now.

and why is it it, that birds all sing really loud first thing in the morning?
why do they slam out a big grande finale to start with instead of taking it crescendo, like easy, man?

do they:
a. tell eachother there dreams?
b. try to attract a sexual partner to fuck their brains out all the day long?
c. think it is there duty to the world to share their enthusiasm about the fact, that the sun will in fact rise once again?

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