stuff i would have used in my podcast aka pieceocast

yeah. i guess it’s that time. time to say goodbye to my unsucessful and rather pathetic podcasts aka pieceocast. i somehow lost the reason why i should keep producing them. after taking a break from it, i now can’t seem to get back into it and somehow it does not seem to make sense to keep spending so much time coming up with these mixes, if as feedback at best i receive hatemail or spam. yeah hatemail – from some guy, who claims he can’t delete the mp3’s from his computer. errr, why would you even want to delete them … oh but ofc.

so here, fridays, i shall list the stuff, and stuff here stands for audioresources in video, mp3, i would have used in my podcast (and boy would it have been a great one this week):

casette boy: fly me to new york
osama teen hunger force


and another music related news item fits nicely here., the best online mp3 shop for dance tracks, has released these myspace-like flash players, that users can customise in a variety of ways. here’s a layo & bushwacka player:

Go to Get These Tracks Add This Player

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