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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

video killed the …


:flash: YouTube – Doll Face – “Als jezelf ontwikkelende robot haal je je voorbeeld net als kinderen van de tv. Aan de gretige bewegingen van de ledematen te zien heeft deze al weer veel te lang naar Knevel gekeken. En dat wordt een drama, kan niet anders. ” and i fully agree (even if i dont understand a word of it).

:flash: Honey Bunny – sexy vincent gallo vid from 2001 making the rounds, quite literally, aka that video with paris hilton in a bikini rotating in super slow motion.

:flash: Osama Team Hunger Force – CollegeHumor video – “Osama Team Hunger Force About a week ago, here’s what Boston actually thought.”

:flash: World of Warcraft Super Mario Theme – mashup video merging super marion and WoW.


:flash: Linux-powered iPhone killer available online in March – “… positioned the device as the first low-cost, mass-market mobile phone to feature a user-modifiable Linux-based operating system.” iPhone Killer after iPhone killer.

:flash: How to replace your iPod’s battery – aha, it is possible after all.

:flash: Wired: AP Technology and Business News from the Outside World on – “A self-styled iPod Doctor, the affable Leontaris is a full-time iPod resuscitator, part of a cottage industry catering to music devotees whose musical companions have fallen ill, usually from mistreatment.”

interesting (aka the i-word)

:flash: Beatport Player – beatport, the best resource for dance music mp3s, creates a flash player that can be integrated on blogs, myspace etc.

:flash: Yahoo Shamelessly Rips Off Digg and Brags About It – “Yahoo Shamelessly Rips Off Digg and Brags About It Not only do they rip off the Digg interface for Yahoo Autos! The proudly proclaim it on their official blog and even put a screenshot on it!” and this is the comment of one pissed off digger.

:flash: New ice cream named for Stephen Colbert – Yahoo! News – “Stephen Colbert may have no taste for the truth, but he does have a sweet tooth. Ben & Jerry’s has named a new ice cream in honor of the comedian: “Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream.” It’s vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered waffle cone pieces and caramel.” gief!

:flash: Schulmädchenreport – she may drop out of uni without a degree, but give this woman a job as a writer already: “It’s bitter to realise that you are simply not made for a world where the concept of intellectual elitism still exists. It’s bitter to realise that you studied Archaeology, Greek, Ancient History & Art History not to master them, but because they mastered you. Because you are a creature so very easily possessed and absorbed by the evanescent beauty of a whispered word, a passing shadow, the contraction of a muscle…” the muscle bit got me…

:flash: Champagne Valentine – pretty awesome flash stuff, but be warned, it crashed my browser.

:flash: Doom9’s Forum: Processing Key, Media Key and Volume ID found!!! – “Blu-Ray AND HD-DVD broken – processing keys extracted” hee

:flash: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades: Joel Johnson Returns…to Spank Us All for Supporting Crap – “Kept buying shitty phones and broken media devices green and dripping with DRM … Stop buying this crap. Just stop it. You don’t need it.” a new column by Joel Johnson that could kinda rock. go on, vent joel. [via bb]

:flash: Democracy Player 0.9.5 Released – a new version with many new features. getting better and better.

:flash: Has Xbox 360 squelched the Playstation 3’s advantages? – “On paper the Playstation 3 looked mighty impressive when compared to the Xbox 360 originally at E3 2005. It seemed that the true next generation would not start until Sony said so. Or would it?”

:flash: Top 10 Aphrodisiacs – “There is no such thing as a true aphrodisiac,” Dr. Ruth (Westheimer) once said.” site currently down, i wish i could remember what # 1 was. something tacky like, tenderness.

:flash: NEWSPAPER BLACKOUT POEMS – “NEWSPAPER BLACKOUT POEMS ARCHIVE” [via popnutten] frenzy frenzine had the idea first! i swear.

:flash: Bringing New Life to Boarded Up Homes – “In his final year as a photography student in Blackpool, UK, Mike Newton started to question why his work shouldn’t go any further than a print.” so he started glueing it onto abandoned homes.

:flash: – barack obama has started a social website a la myspace to support his campaign.

:flash: When Cory Doctorow Ruled the World
“Interviewing Cory Doctorow is easy. You just flip the on switch by asking the first question, and he emits a constant stream of brilliant, insightful stuff.”

lift backlash

:flash: communities are getting used to social – what’s the next tendency? – “So at Lift07 there was nobody who said the word “blog” or “web 2.0″ which to me is a very visible sign that “blog” and “web 2.0″ is getting passé… slowly but firmly.” really? i still heard it too much… gah, spoke with the wrong people again. no offense.

:flash: European Blogger Web 2.0 Geeks at Lift07
“It’s kind of endearing just how *intensely* geeky European geeks are.” it’s kinda endearing how BS comments LIFT 07. and he used both the b- and the w-word in his title.

how rumors travel:

:flash: Wikipedia won’t “shut within 3-4 months”
“I see that the rumor that wikipedia could “shut within 3-4 months” is all over the blogosphere right now”

:flash: A story going around the world – “It’s fascinating to see the Wikipedia story going around the world”

:flash: The Wikimedia cash crunch story: what Devouard really said – and once again its guissiani’s job to set us all straight. “she did not suggest at any moment that Wikipedia, which has become an essential resource for the world, is going to “disappear” or “shut down” anytime soon.”

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