send sms with license plates and receive adress of owner

with all the bruhaha that life is giving me atm (mostly ha ha) i almost forgot about this service i read about in the papers on saturday.
bern now offers a sms service, that allows people to input a car’s license plates and they will get the owners adress sent to your mobile. i have tested this, and i’m afraid it does work like a charm.

this bloody scares me. i ofc already know, that privacy laws are very lax in switzerland. i can input any persons name at and usually find their adress and phone number within seconds. but with cars and license plates this feels somehow different. say my beautiful wife drives somewhere our car and all some creepy stalker now has to do is send one sms and he knows where we live. btw. the service does not work after 22:00 h because – if i remember this correctly – they want to protect stalkers going after girls they meet in nightlife. but duh, the stalkers can always wait till the next morning and pursue their stalking business then … i dunno. its kinda evil.

edit: apparently license plates can be blocked by filling out this form. thx gebsn [comment] and häck-a-bløg

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