Gisela von Hinten – Paartherapeutin was moved

wikis are great. anyone can just go ahead and edit a webpage and … well, you know the drill. love em love em love em.
sadly, if anyone can edit so can the spammers and on my wiki no one but the spammers ever edited anything. and they went at it. omg did they go at it.

over these last few days i have killed my wiki. very sad. loved loved loved my wiki. but i simply got too tired of having to delete one spam entry after the other. i moved the content to my wordpress pages, like the NomenEstOmen list is here now

one thing tho, killing my wiki and my guestbook and protecting the various contact forms with politically correct spam protection (not quite done with that part yet) will end up costing me more than a days work. that’s quite alot, just because some idjut spammers have decided to annoy me? i hate these guys with a passion.

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