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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

the steve jobs show

:flash: The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs – the fake steve jobs blog receives a sponsorship deal from wired: “Well after a fierce bidding war I have found a happy home in the warm soft furry bosom of Wired magazine.” btw. the blogger wonders if bill gates hit crack again, lol. if nothing else, this is how steve jobs should blog really.

:flash: Steve Jobs’ iTunes dance – cory doctorow sets things straight regarding steve jobs’ recent drm critique: “I doubt Jobs’ sincerity. I suspect he likes DRM because it creates an anti-competitive lock-in to Apple. I think he’s trying to shift blame for the much-criticized DRM to the music industry, whose executives are twirling their mustaches and declaring DRM to be the only way forward for their industry.” or this line actually says it all: “The iPod is a roach motel: Songs check in, but they don’t check out”.

:flash: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Rare Public Appearance Together (Photos) – awww, that’s quaint II…

:flash: Apple and Cisco share iPhone name – awww, that’s quaint…

britney’s shaved head

:flash: shaved head fetish website [NSFW] – while the b3ta newsletter quickly points out that ofc there is such a thing as a shaved head fetish

:flash: YouTube – Shame on the “Britney Spears Profiteers” – Shmuel Tennenhaus starts yelling at everyone for trying to make fun of britney shaving her head – yes dad –

:flash: YouTube – HeadBlade’s Top Ten Reasons why Britney shaved her head. – meanwhile this is an example of a poor viral campaign exploiting it. gotta admire how quick they came up with it tho.

video killed

:flash: YouTube – helge schneider about punks (german) – ok, so helge schneider does NOT like punks, lol [in german]

:flash: The Five Second Rule should be used carefully – “We’ve all heard of the Five Second Rule, that food rule that says when you drop a piece of food, as long as you pick it up within five seconds it’s still OK to eat. Anything more than five seconds then you should throw it away.”

:flash: Graffiti Research Lab » L.A.S.E.R. Tag – GRL lasertags rotterdam – a video

:flash: VIDEO: Monkey Controls Robotic Arm With Mind. Beware Of Robot Monkeys. at Random Good Stuff – The Entertainment Blog – “The monkey in the video has a chip in its brain that controls a robotic arm. He uses the arm to feed himself a piece of yellow food.” i got it, bananas!

what else is new

:flash: Gender diversity at conferences – jason kottke compared the number of men and women speaking at various conferences. laurent haug gives some interesting feedback from an organiser’s viewpoint. i fully agree with him, that the ratio in conference attendants should worry us equally.

:flash: my sculpture – “my sculpture needs you” please add to michael’s ascii sculpture.

:flash: BBC NEWS | Egypt blogger jailed for ‘insult’ – “An Egyptian court has sentenced a blogger to four years’ prison for insulting Islam and the president.” *gasp

:flash: Licenses and Images: A Modest Proposal – “the (X)HTML specs should add an attribute to specify the license governing a photograph.” gief.

:flash: Flame wars as psychopathology. – the NYT article looking into the psychological motivations behind flamewars leads, surprise suprise, to a flame war; gotta love that kinda thing. [via BB]

:flash: Flame First, Think Later: New Clues to E-Mail Misbehavior – “several psychological factors lead to online disinhibition: the anonymity of a Web pseudonym; invisibility to others; the time lag between sending an e-mail message and getting feedback; the exaggerated sense of self from being alone; and the lack of any online authority figure.”

:flash: IKEA US to ‘Bag the Plastic Bag’ – you mean to say they handed out these huge plastic thing for free up to now?

:flash: linegame.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) – brillant game. use navigational buttons to stir a dot along a given path.

:flash: Urban Curators – art project using pictureframes to point to artistic scenes on the streets. reminds me of a photo project i did ages ago, that i will scan and flickr later next week.

:flash: Details zum DJ-Vertrag von der IFPI – omg, the IFPI, swiss music rights handeling company, releases the conditions under which DJs are allowed to release music for promotional purposes. its a fashist machine.

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