sony – how you killed your brand

a week ago we had a date in zürich to test the PS3. i had kindly been asked to write a review for tastentest, a bi-weekly column featuring blogger’s reviews of their favorite gadgets. needless to say i was quite exited about this date. finally i would be able to test the console i had read so much about, and that had received such mixed reviews. finally i would be able to make up my own mind.

this date had been set up weeks before, even months?, i can’t remember exactly. on friday at 16:57 we received an email cancelling the date on the following monday …

it’s just a small example, just a silly incident. but if nothing else, it did kill off the last little bit of goodwill i had towards sony, and at one point i could have been considered quite the fanboy.

but hey … who at this point doubts that the PS3 is gonna tank?

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Sony, you went wrong, with your PS3
I’ll just keep playing my 360
Hope this song has helped, you understand
Now you know, How You Killed Your Brand.

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