today i watched Best, a film about George Best, the notorious manU football player from the 60’s/70’s, who got his reputation as much for his rock’n’roll lifestyle as for his supreme footballing skill. Georgie was of course oozing with both style and intelligence, a combination that later football bad boys were all extremely lacking.
“i spent quite alot of my money on alcohol, women and fast cars… the rest of it i just wasted”.
then i wanted to visit his website, which had always been a good laugh, only to find that i has been put on “administrative hold” [???]. did george maybe forget to pay the bill? i especially loved the section, where george talked about his liver transplant, making it sound all preachy. “drink don’t pay, lads”.

then i found this cute fan website called Best page, hilarious! “George Best was to football, what Muhammad Ali was to boxing, […] or the Beatles were to music” “Forget Pele, Maradona, Keegan, Cruyff, Baggio!!! George Best combined everything they had individually, and more!” “By the way, I’m not George Best. “

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