matrix interuptus

i dont want to spoil the movie for you, so think before you click:

i feel like suspended in midair.
how long ’till they release the sequel to matrix reloaded? september??? oh come on! faster please…
you do have to give it to them, the creators of the matrix shure redefine the term “sequel” here… but was ending this episode mid-sentence really really necessary? that’s worse than comicbook sequels do it …
i did notice, that most people got out of the theatre really fast and seemed kind of irritated after reading the “to be concluded” endscreen. and then a track by rage against the machine during the credits did not exactly help to calm the spirits.
but it’s great! that partyscene in zion, i want that! wow! lets create parties like that! incredible!

a film like having relatively good sex and then it suddenly stops, just when things were starting to get good.

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