the swiss say yes to nuclear power

oh gosh. not again …

today was voting day in switzerland and again it was revealed, that we live in the bloody wrong fucking country.
fuck this conservative reactionary shithole, man!

there were 9 votes, the left voted “yes” in all of them, but only 2 of them came through.
among other things – like easier access to public buildings for the handicapped or better protection for renters or even a fairer healthinsurance system – which all got devastating No’s, what really killed me were the 2 anti-nuclear propositions.
imagine that: the swiss had the chance to say no to nuclear energy, but they voted against it …. ???
go figure!

people are dumb fucks and should not be allowed to vote. they ll only ever copy what the government wants them to vote anyway.
make me king or even dictator, fast please!!!! i promise i ll be smart and benevolent.

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