recovering gadget addict

i might have finally gotten over my obsession with gadgets. after 15 minutes spent reading about the upcoming PS3 launch in europe and the nokia N95, i found myself thinking: “wow, i must have been really bored just now”. i only read the stuff out of habit left over from 2 or 3 years ago. i don’t believe the hype, because, lets face it, gadgets are so .. erm … year before last.

while some gadgets might still manage to convey a slight must-have tingle, looking all nice and shiny, they really are just pieces of plastic, soon to be outdated, soon to be yesterday’s junk. i find myself more and more interested in content, narrative, and less and less in the tools conveying it. cause after all gadgets are just that, tools to convey content; nothing more and nothing less. i am interested in finding tools that will last, instead of the latest newest one.

i still don’t own an intel mac. although eventually i might have to buy one ofc, but only because i am forced to do so by software updates and other tricks of the trade. having said all this, i will buy the nokia N95, but only because my 7650 is finally, slowly pooping out. i had a good run with the 7650, had it since october 2002. so lets hope the new phone will last me the next 4 years, accross iPhone desasters and more to come. there’s hope, and buying the current top-of-the-line product does give you a better chance to so.


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