do not read this!!!

blogging is dangerous. blogging is addictive! close this page now!

after a few months of reading mostly warblogs, all things war-in-iraq related, i have gotten into sexblogs lately.
now that is highly addictive stuff, uhhh…

[img src: erosblog ta!]
oh and i dont mean reverse cowgirl-type blogs, making references to sexy stuff. i mean first person accounts of people talking about their kinky sexlifes.

i have deep respect for the courage and the openness of these bloggers.
i feel terribly voyeuristic reading them.
and it is sooo much fun!
goes well with the spring season too!
? want more ?
dirty whore diary: i think the name says it all. [deliciously kinky!]
… sweetness follows: Mike & Michelle – two twenty-something year old Canadians in love and being kinky and such. [oh this is sexy]
my wetpussy journal: married british woman tells it all. [almost a bit disturbing]
peep show stories: a stripper writes about her experiences in a peep show in seattle [very well written, very honest, clears up many stereotypes about strippers]

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