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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

drm music sharing bollocks

:flash: Jenner: $50 Per Year from Every Music Fan Would Save/Reinvent Music Industry – “$50 per year from every person who listens to music would “meet or exceed the current over the counter sales of the music industry at a far lower cost,” i would so be willing to pay that amount to get access to all music, in best quality, without drm, via p2p.

:flash: cr3ation b3ta – search artists and get a list of music found online. nifty.

:flash: Musicload: 75% of customer service problems caused by DRM – “Deutsche Telekom’s Musicload, one of the largest online music stores in Europe, has come out strongly against DRM on account of its effects on the marketplace and its customers, according to German-language Heise Online.”

online-video killed the …

:flash: irregular flow – what a sweet idea [via wooster]

:flash: Bruce Sterling in Belgrade – bruce sterling takes us on a walk through belgrad. and who would have thought, he’s a most entertaining tour guide.

:flash: I Hate Huckabees – “find this clip to be a fascinating window into the often frustrating atmosphere that takes over film sets, and goodness knows that good art often comes from tension and stress.” and here is how Lily Tomlin Reacts to Leaked Videos.

:flash: Extensions >> Nao Bustamante > A Story – careful, bloody. very hard to watch, but incredibly moving video by nao bustamante (who i had the great pleasure to be friends with while living in san francisco); its when she takes a phone call that this becomes a genius masterpiece. plus, nao bustamante’s website is back online …

:flash: YouTube – banksy – british tellie documentary on banksy [via rebel:art]

:flash: the show with zefrank – *sniffie* the last ze frank the show …

:flash: 50 50 – “50 50 (2007) by Oliver Laric shows clips of fifty homemade 50 Cent performances of »In Da Club«, »Candy Shop« and »How We Do« taken from Youtube”


:flash: Balls! – fun game, keep the white ball in the blue area, they grey balls will knock you about.

:flash: Boomshine – musical interface game, place a dot to set off a chain reaction collecting the dots.

other bother

:flash: Welcome to Desktopography – nature themed desktops by selected designers, sis was asked to contribute and he made one of the nicer ones.

:flash: /mathlete/ – “An alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell and sizzle of cooking bacon.” its made from wood and shaped like a pig as well …

:flash: – “Team Wiggly is an underground collective on a mission to make the world a happier place.” cute. [via b3ta newsletter]

:flash: foldschool – cardboard furniture – “foldschool is a collection of free cardboard furniture for kids, handmade by you. The downloadable patterns can be printed out with any printer. Follow the instructions and assemble a stable piece of furniture.” [via habi]

:flash: Bum Rush the Charts – “On March 22nd, we are going to take an indie podsafe music artist to number one on the iTunes singles charts as a demonstration of our reach to Main Street and our purchasing power to Wall Street.” i somehow couldn’t find the info, did they made it or not … ???

:flash: twittervision – fun app visualising the world wide twitter on a map.

:flash: 79 Versions of Popcorn – ti tu ti tu tu ti tu, ti tu ti tu tu ti tu, ti tu titi tuti tu titi tuti tu tu …

:flash: Does anybody want a PS3? – “With a day until the PS3 launches in Europe the Newcastle Virgin Megastore still has 72 left to pre-order. Is there any point? And I still can’t get a Wii. ”

:flash: Novell’s second Get a Mac spoof is online now – the sexy girl is linux. obviously.

:flash: Understanding Avatars, Part 3: Samples – looking at different meanings of what avatar can stand for, with examples. [via waxy]

:flash: balls.png – “Small balls, big balls, and a few that aren’t balls at all.” comparison of ball sizes… balls aka nuts are missing though.

:flash: The Big Book of Subversive Stickers: Books: Srini Kumar – “Sticker your car! Sticker your office! Sticker your dog! Sticker your life! Sticker your stuff! Sticker your world!” DO COMPUTERS PRAY? | TAX THE RICH | THANK GOD I’M AGNOSTIC

:flash: SUCK UK – DESIGN – “This mind boggling doormat reads differently depending whether you are walking in or out of the house.” [bia bb]

:flash: Maybe Google Wanted to be Sued: YouTube and Plan B – “By fighting a lawsuit, Google gets to prove the legitimacy of Internet video distribution – something that will probably never flourish under the “old media” regime.”

:flash: A solar-powered Wii? Yes, a solar-powered Wii! – “These two dudes have managed to harness the power of the Sun (the bane of any good gamer’s existence) and use it to power the Wii, a television and set of speakers.” Weeeee! or sorry Wiiiiiii!

:flash: Showdown – the saatchi gallery conducts a public voting for artwork … its round 2 already. my friend andrea nyffeler has submitted one of her pieces.

:flash: Italy bans mobile phones in classrooms – “Italy has banned schoolchildren from using mobile phones in class in an attempt to stop ringtones disrupting lessons and prevent pupils messing about with video cameras.”

:flash: Web 3.0: When Web Sites Become Web Services – “What we mean by ‘Web 3.0’ is that major web sites are going to be transformed into web services – and will effectively expose their information to the world.” it was bound to happen, since about web 2.1 we only puke.

:flash: Sticker prototype for uppity bloggers (is there any other kind?) – how’s my blogging? call 1-888-STFU-LOL. and the tshirt is out already: “How’s My Blogging?” Shirt – “Two Week Limited Run, Ends April 6”

:flash: FBI: Internet crime pays – oh noes, don’t link to this, it will encourage them .. oops i just did.

:flash: cocka-cola – Fuck Coke, quite literally [via rebel:art]

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