quotes – die sprüche der reise

“*” (in france on the side of the freeway they have these digital information boards. if there is no other info only an asterisk appears)

c'est tout un symbol

“gaelic ist geil” (jan, nach dem amusanten versuch die strassenschilder auf english UND irish gaelic zu lesen)

“ich glaub mich knuddelt ein knut” (franziksa, nachdem ich ihr das viel schwächere “ich glaube mich knutscht ein knut” gesagt hatte)

“hiya whatsyerrrname” (gas station attendant in bantry – more about him later)

“i am just doing what the machine tells me” (gas station attendant in wexford – more about him later)

“i hope you enjoyed yer stay at wren’s nest – tell yer friends about it” (drunk goofball at one of the best pubs we been to – and yes, i hereby will tell my friends, everyone, please go to the wren’s next in wexford!)

wren's nest goofs, wexford
wren's nest goofballs, wexford
wren's nest, wexford

“lovely maneuver” (said the pictured british gentleman after intently studying the ferry’s departure from rosslare, ireland)

lovely maneuver

“ich kanne nichte pumpen wegen sie, weil sie quervorfahren haben mir” (french guy complaining to me at a gasstation in england – in german! – more about him later)

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