modern day pilgrimages in ireland

ok, here’s an embbarassing one to admit, when we were in cork, ireland we did go to search for the apple campus. on a scale of geekiness, if such a thing existed, this would be pretty high up, a 9.35 i suppose. btw. the campus sucked: no factory outlet, no goodies, no inside scoops for spontanous visitors, plus a rather hostile climate tbh. they must getting weirdo apple fans like us often, oh the shame …

modern day pilgramage 1

for anyone wondering, the campus is on hollyhill in the industrial area called hollyhill industrial estate on the outskirts of cork.

but this morning (19.4.) in dublin i saw one worse. a group of drunk englishmen, yes drunk, or still drunk, at 9 am, wearing black tshirts saying “stagparty for dan” and there was even a guiness logo on the shirt. and now please take a guess what they were looking for … aha, easy one, huh. the guiness factiry of course. as an aside they were looking in the totally wrong area. we drove past guiness by accident. impressive. huge. they must be brewing some beer there still besides all the gadgets they sell, the bottleopeners, mugs, tshirts, fridge magnets …

the guiness pride

later, when we saw a huge heineken logo right smack in the center of dublin, we wondered, if this was perceived as a provocation.

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