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news schmooze

:flash: Family History – this nifty little guide came with the guardian two weeks ago – but then we lost it. smart as the guardian is they publish it all online. “Ever wondered where you came from? The latest in our monthly series of Guardian Guides will help you discover your roots.”

:flash: The World Bank has the perfect standard bearer – “The bank’s credibility was already fatally compromised by hypocrisies far greater than those of Wolfowitz” explains naomi klein.

:flash: The Channel 4 Big Art Project – “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. The chance to get involved in the commissioning of a work of art, courtesy of Channel 4.” is envolved with the photosharing/mapping site.

:flash: Flickr: The Big Gob – osymyso has started a flickr group of people opening their gobs. people look scary when they open their mouths like that.

:flash: Blogs turn 10 – “Blogs might still feel rather novel, but there are now something like 70m of them around the globe. To mark the 10th birthday of the form we have come up with a list of noteworthy modern blogs and crucial moments from the first decade of blogging.” [via metablog]

:flash: Subvertr: Learn more – “Subvertr wants to be a ludic reflection about overwhelming and overflowing images, it is based on the collaborative mechanics of the Net”

:flash: Draft Blogger’s Code of Conduct – “We’ve drafted a code of conduct that will eventually be posted on, and created a badge that sites can display if they want to link to that code of conduct.” [via oh heck i forgot]


:flash: Tweakfest Festival Programm, 24. – 26. Mai 2007 – the tweakfest programm is online and tickets can be ordered. now there’s a nice and affordable new media conference in switzerland. its possible after all.

:flash: Die Welt von Tom Kummer – lang:de. out there book review of blow up by tom kummer. who will come read in switzerland 11.5. in basel and 15.5. in bern.

:flash: MISSION ETERNITY / ANGELS / Become an Angel – the software is ready, become an angel, be part of the p2p network.

:flash: Twitter is the cult of me – laurant does not like twitter, and while i agree with some of his points, i also find twitter to be kinda fun. just plain hedonistic fun.

swiss electronic music

:flash: bengston: More free tunage – bengston has remixed Evil Nine’s “For Lovers Not Fighters”

:flash: : Preorder – preorder my friends filewile new cd.


:flash: Mr George Bush Bring My Boyz Back Home Horny Country Girl – if this video aint gonna convince dubya to bring the troups home, i don’t know what will.

:flash: – “Unpluggit is the world’s first campaign dedicated to helping prevent climate change one plug at a time.”

:flash: – sad adbusters spot for tv turnoff week.


:flash: crush for psp – this psp game looks amazing. let’s hope there’s a homebrew firmware hack soon.

:flash: Jay is Games – Flash and casual game reviews – reviews and walkthroughs of online flash games.

:flash: Free to Play – FREE MMORPG wiki – a list of free mmorpgs wiki.

bees CCD craze

:flash: Experts may have found what’s bugging the bees – it’s a fungus! “Experts may have found what’s bugging the bees A fungus that hit hives in Europe and Asia may be partly to blame for wiping out colonies across the U.S.”

:flash: Are mobile phones and Wi-Fi to blame for the world’s ills? – “They reckon the world’s crops are going to fail because, allegedly, mobiles kill bees, and Wi-Fi will make teachers, pupils and people wandering around Westminster (which this week turned on its municipal Wi-Fi network) ill.”

:flash: Aganetha Dyck – art made with bees. shoes “{Altered by the bees}”

:flash: Aganetha Dyck – art made with bees [via bb]

:flash: Boing Boing: Are cellphones killing bee colonies? – “The world’s bee colonies are dying mysteriously, and a study from Landau University suggests that mobile phones may be to blame.”

:flash: Are mobile phones wiping out our bees? – Independent Online Edition > Wildlife – this article started it all. “Are mobile phones wiping out our bees? Scientists claim radiation from handsets are to blame for mysterious ‘colony collapse’ of bees”


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