dh from hell

dental hygienist has got to be the worst job there is.
no doubt.
poke around other peoples mouths and yell at them for not cleaning their teeth well.
all day long.
this is soooo not sexy!
even though, it does involve mouths, tongues, teeth and metal objects, which in a slighly different context can be very kinky tools of sexual play.
but let me simply ask you this: have you ever heard about a fetish involving dentists or dental hygienists? people play doctor in their sexual fantasies, but dentist? hmmmm

well today i had to go to my dh. and oh boy, she must have been in a bad mood today.
and who could blame here, really…
her mood became immediatly clear when she aggressivley barked out my name, making it sound like a very rare exotic poisonous plant. she then strapped me down and poked around my mouth fiercly for a few minutes. then, as she was just catching her breath to deliver her you-dont-clean-your-teeth-well-you-little-piece-of-shit speech, actually looking forward to this part – which btw must be the absolute highlight of her job – i kindly informed her, that i did not work that way, that i had heard the speech zillions of times and if she could just please proceed to the treatment.
needless to say this did not improve her mood much. she was on roadrage in my mouth from then on, poking, scraping, making that suckah bleed. *outch* me, i was siting there pondering this question to which i cannot come up with a congruent answer: what kind of a personality does it take to chose this profession???

so i guess that did not go too well. and it could have been so sweet….
in my fantasies it was sweet. oh god, am i developing a dental hygienist fetish?

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