Der Graue Krieg

this weekend i went to the centre pasquart in biel-bienne. twice. once on saturday to discover the show and then again on sunday, because i had seen that there was a “meet the artists” event scheduled.

it has been a loooong time since i have been so inspired by art. herve graumann and isabelle krieg both did an excellent job. both used the fantastic rooms of the small museum to create big scale installations on site, but their work couldn’t be more different. their style and approache to art clash in a lot of ways, yet somehow this clash really works and makes one reflect on a number of topics, male/female approaches to art, cultural differences between the french (graumann) and german (krieg) speaking part of switzerland, political vs. abstract art. there is not much more, that i can or want to say, except this: if you can, go see this.

the exhibit will be shown till 20. mai 2007 Centre Pasquart, Biel-Bienne, Switzerland.

Centre PasquArt Biel-Bienne
Herve Graumann
Isabelle Krieg, KRIEG MACHT LIEBE 2
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