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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

windows? check! now ubuntu

:flash: Running Ubuntu under Parallels Desktop for Mac – howto install ubuntu under parallels.

:flash: Installing Ubuntu Studio 7.04 – Linux For The Creative – howto install ubuntu studio – linux “for the creative”, so me.

:flash: How to install Ubuntu (Feisty Fawn) in OS X using Parallels – a complete walkthrough – or better yet…

addictive online games

:flash: Pushies – “I’m tired of getting pushed around.” avoid getting pushed off the screen. simple ideas work best – part 1.

:flash: Travian – “Travian is a browser game featuring a world with thousands of other real players. One begins the game acting as a chief of a tiny village.” my godson swears by this. looks complicated, but i’ll give it a shot.

:flash: Mercury Drops – eat the smaller mercury drops, dont get eaten by the large ones. simple ideas work best – part 2.

:flash: Ignition – fast and fun driving game. simple ideas work best – part 3.

:flash: Bible Fight – methapysisches gruseln guaranteed. be jesus and fight satan. and boy was i glad to lose miserably. yay. [via popnutten]

open source vs. & ~ free

:flash: Open Source Cinema – An Open Source Documentary about Copyright – OpenSourceCinema is a collaborative documentary project to create a feature film about copyright in the digital age. [via bb]

:flash: Free Me – free books, free software, free everything on a dvd, but since the printing was delayed its now available free for download.


:flash: Hill Of Tara – M3 Ireland – Direct Action – “The proposed M3 motorway has been described by archaeologists as the worst case of state-sponsored vandalism ever inflicted on Irish cultural heritage.” and here we were enjoying the fact that ireland is refreshingly lacking in freeways.

:flash: Welcome to Sarkolandr – the riots following sarko’s election, flickr set [via rebel:art]

:flash: President Bush Shakin his Groove Thang – the bush dance incident.

:flash: Malaria Awareness Dance Remixes – and the remixes … leads nicely to the next category


:flash: Jail Paris Hilton Petition – “This petition asks Governor Schwarzenegger to ignore other petitions asking for clemency and show the people of California that no one is above the law.” for every petition there’s a counter-petition.

:flash: Google Maps – list of rude place names – “did you know there is an Anus in France? Or a Spanker in the US? A homo in Norway? It’s all here.” meh. [via b3ta]

:flash: The Flying Spaghetti Monster in The Sky – omg errr omfsm

:flash: Fair Trade Ga Coffins – this is my will, i demand to be burried in a coca cola bottle coffin [joke].


:flash: Meaningful Overnight Relationship – “Yes, WordPress really is four years old. I was 19. No, I didn’t create it alone, if I did you would have never heard of it. Actually, it entered a rather crowded field, not even close to being first.” matt points out how stereotypical journalist questions are regarding wordpress, the “overnight succes-story”.

:flash: Twitter – now accessible from mobile phones.

:flash: Guardian Unlimited – the guardian unlimited is undergoing a redesign, me likee. homepaged again.

:flash: The 11 Frames of Jacob – “Here are the 11 only frames of our first look at Jacob, plus a close up at the end.” lost is kinda turning around its awful season towards the end.

:flash: Vegans Sentenced for Starving Their Baby – “A vegan couple were sentenced Wednesday to life in prison for the death of their malnourished 6-week-old baby boy, who was fed a diet largely consisting of soy milk and apple juice.” that’s just grand.

:flash: m e m e f e s t 2 0 0 7 | worldwide communication center – “SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS : MAY 20TH 2007” caps not mine.

:flash: Happy Mother’s Day – happy mother’s day in this case rhymes with gay.

:flash: Celebrity Soundboards – tons of them… and of course the christopher walken’s are best.

:flash: Japanese find sleep and shelter in cyber cafes – “From his carefully distressed jeans to his casual-cool navy striped T-shirt, he is every bit the trendy Tokyoite. Yet the 26-year-old has been sleeping in a reclining seat in an Internet cafe every night for the past month since he lost his steady office job and his apartment. It’s cheaper than a hotel, offers access to the Internet and hundreds of Manga comic books, and even has a microwave and a shower where he can wash in the morning …”

:flash: Castlevania: Dracula’s Curse – warren ellis writes the script for the D2DVD film based on the konami video game castlevania III. he is on his 7th or 8th re-write.

:flash: – ATLAS is a great song by battles, rock band signed to warp rec. [via al4ie]

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