outrageously rightous

today i was somehow reminded of one of my heroes: an elvis-fan/-impersonator & artist with down syndrome, that i had met while volonteering at creativity explored in san francisco.
my greatest respect goes out to you. i hope you are well. [i forgot yer name, darn]
this guy has been a great inspiration to me.
he was outrageous, loud and wild, always dressed perfectly in elvis atire, head to toe, shoes, belts, hats. then he – of course – always spoke in elvis-drawl, which did not help much to understand him better. at creativity explored he would usually just hang out. when you asked him what he did, he either responded by saying: “i am the king” or “i am an artist … [big smirk] a performance artist”. he often got himself in trouble, because he prefered to perform his elvis act right smack in the middle of the street, his favorite spot being a big intersection a few blocks away from work. he would then come late to work bragging: “the king got in trouble with the law”.

some of the other artists at creativity explored:

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