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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]


:flash: Das Magazin im neuen Kleid – “Das Magazin Online ist als Wiki, das heisst als Kollaborationsplattform angelegt. Die technischen Gründe dafür sind zahlreich:
1. Verschiedene Leute können an einem Artikel arbeiten, ohne dass daraus ein Chaos entsteht
2. Die Verlinkung der Artikel ist einfach
3. Die Software ist hoch entwickelt und funktioniert wunderbar.” leider musste ich heute im magazin festellen, dass keine verlinkung zum wiki im heft erscheint, wenn das nur gut geht… übrigens bin ich mit habi einig, michèle roten schreibt zwar ganz anständig, aber auf video wirkt sie schnell eher irritierend.

:flash: Mani Matter Inventar im Schweizerischen Literaturarchiv – oder: die verpasste story der woche. letzten freitag war ich nämlich an der veranstaltung zur feier der übergabe von mani matter’s nachlass an die schweizerische nationalbibliothek, an der unter anderen bänz friedli dieses hervorragende referat gehalten, mc kutti, greis und big zis gerappt haben. einige materialien bleiben auf der inventar liste verborgen, weil damit möglicherweise eine publikation geplant ist.

jpg mag tragedy & flickr censorship

:flash: The Real Story of JPG Magazine – “In one evening, Paul removed issues 1-6 from the JPG website, removed Heather from the About page, and deleted the “Letter from the Editors” that had lived on the site since day one.” the founder of JPG magazine describes what happened.

:flash: Flickr: I deleted my JPG Magazine account – and the flickr user protest.

:flash: Flickr = Censorship – “What’s got me pissed today is that according to Rebekka, Flickr has removed her image from their site. That’s right. Not only did they remove and kill her image and her *non-violent* words of protest, but they censored each and every one of us who commented on her photograph, who offered support to Rebekka, who shared in her frustration by wiping every single one of our comments off the face of the internet forever.”


:flash: i will give you 40’000 blow jobs – tanja, belgian politician, leading candidate of the protest party NEE, promises to give blowjobs to 40’000 people subscribing on her website. she plans to travel 500 days and give 80 blowjobs a day. “blow me” the button reads.

:flash: chose hilary clinton’s campaign song – the good news is, she promises not to sing it. or only should she win the election. hilary clinton’s somewhat clumsy try to reach the myspace generation.

:flash: John Bracken – Independent Candidate for Laois – irish mp sings to get elected. [via b3ta]

online video killed the …

:flash: 100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers – “This is a parody of all the “100” list specials that the American Film Institute keeps putting out. It’s my first time working with video editing and my first YouTube post.” and the list of the movies that were used.

:flash: 100 with handles – not a video per se, but an anim gif, that had to appear after the previous listing.

:flash: Police Officer Steals Marijuana – police officer confiscates marijuana, bakes cookies and then calls emergency: “i think we’re dying, everything is moving really really slow”. which in turn causes a fou rire from the news anchor.

log on, shoot an iraqi

:flash: Interview with Wafaa Bilal – Lessons about dehumanization and technology from a man living under the gun – “This is the 13th day, and so far, 6,500 shots were taken at me.” dude, that’s “only” 20 per hour… no, it’s horrible. and here’s the kicker, i shot once too. i had logged to the site, then received a phone call, and while distracted talking on the phone i clicked the button, to only seconds later realise what i’d done and feel guilty for, oh let’s say 23 minutes.

:flash: Log On, Shoot at an Iraqi: New Interactive Installation at the Flatfile Gallery – “The public can watch him 24/7 over a live webcam; and if they choose, visitors to his website can shoot him with a remote controlled paintball gun.”

mixed messages [as in the double entendre not bad english]

:flash: Zidane – A 21st Century Portrait : Be careful of my hollow bones. – zidane the movie? why? my anti-zidanismo grows.

:flash: questions: global warming global warning – leafthrough screen magazine with a message. [via frenzine]

:flash: More Firefox Bloat? Say It Ain’t So, Mozilla – “with Firefox 3.0 poised for release later this year, the “IE killer” is in danger of morphing into an early Fat Elvis, if increasing numbers of die-hard fans turned reluctant critics are any guide.” on noes, please don’t go the mozilla way. btw. on my puter [g5 iMac] firefox already is a total cpu hog, the main reason why i use camino.

:flash: Enlightenment Engage Dock – “Engage is a beautiful dock replacement for Linux. It looks high tech, futuristic, and smooth enough to be on any Hollywood blockbuster.” so wait, how do i install this? nah, i’ll figure it out.

:flash: India shouts against patent of Yoga in USA – “Its really unfair, who don’t know anything about Yoga can get patent of Yoga and related matters. Member of parliaments and and Yoga Guru Shri Baba Ramdevji express their strong anger against this wrong move by USA Patent Office.” indian website protests the U.S. patenting of “yoga”, but the english here is just too cute. and i am fully aware that some might find my english cute.

:flash: People lived here – “A guy from England rented his flat, people were living there and go away. and when the host returned he saw it”

:flash: False alarm: iPhone NOT delayed until October, Leopard NOT delayed again until January – Engadget – apple stock plummets after fake news message announcing delays in upcoming releases gets posted on endgadget. has the power of blogs gone too far? [via metablog]

:flash: Engadget sends Apple stock plunging on iPhone rumor – “Commenters on Engadget and Apple investor boards were not amused. Many of those comments are not printable in this space, but it’s safe to say that there’s some very unhappy Apple shareholders out there today.”

:flash: WordPress 2.2 – a new version of wordpress gets released and as usual the question is, should i upgrade or should i wait. i’ll wait, after a somewhat traumatic, overenthusiastic upgrade last time.

:flash: Banksy Was Here: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker – the new yorker features a lengthy piece on banksy.

:flash: pansy-assing the 4th DIE FLACCID movie – bruce willis gets envolved in the discussion surrounding die hard 4 on a forum, and proves that it’s really him via iChat. and i wonder why not more celebrities do this; i assume, they all got computers and an internet acces.

:flash: Criminal charges dropped in marketing stunt – “Two local artists whose guerrilla marketing stunt caused a day of bomb scares in the Boston region — and then fueled public outrage by appearing to make light of the incident — apologized in court yesterday as prosecutors dropped the criminal charges …”

:flash: Bad Plastic Bags – /cry, plastic sucks … meh

:flash: hymn – “the current (?) version of iTunes, 7.1.1 has been cracked by the QTFairUse6 project.”

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