status: waiting for repair

on friday 11. my nokia N95 died on me while trying to do a simple firmware upgrade. nokia phones luckily come with an european warranty, so i was able to hand the phone in for repairs at a regular orange shop the following monday, 14.5. 10:25. an enterprise called handles repairs of nokia phones in switzerland. on my confirmation slip i received login information, that gives me access to this “great” customer service on their webpage allowing me to track the status of the repair.

i am sure this service is well-intended, but after a week of receiving the same results and things not changing one bit, it may not so great after all.
since last tuesday i know, that my phone was in fact picked up from the store, since then however it has been “waiting for repair”. gah.

i wish there was a nag button, that would allow me to shout into their factory “oi. get on with it already. fix it and gimme me my bloody overpriced phone back”.

Erfasst Shop 14.05.2007 um 10:25
Abgeholt Shop 15.05.2007 um 13:02
Status Servicecenter Warten auf Reparatur


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