Filewile: Nassau Massage

filewile: nassau massage
filewile: nassau massage gets released in switzerland today.

Filewile are a duo seen rocking clubs for the last years with their dub infused Electronica sets. «Nassau Massage» brings together guest artists from many corners: Nicolette (British vocalist formerly of Massive Attack fame), New York rapper and now Berlin resident RQM, Rider Shafique and Mr. Melody alongside Baby Chann bring on their versatile UK Reggae flavours. Local talents like the Swiss resident Ghanaian singer Joy Frempong, rapper Baze and Switzerland’s only underground country-star Zeno Tornado help make «Nassau Massage» a tight pop-Electronica album with a strong Reggae foundation.

disclaimer: ändu/dustbowl is a real life mate of mine. the album is still excellent though … ;]

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