a scandinavia hater is born

my recent trip to copenhagen, my first one this far up north in europe, has turned me into a scandinavia hater!
strong word, i know.
here is why: danes have got to be the most rigid people in the world.

so far this title was held firmly by the swiss, but the danes are much much worse!
more rigid than the swiss?
almost unthinkable!

the difference is the malicious smirk that accompanies it in danemark, danes are self-rightously rigid.
where as the swiss “just” live their rigidity, the danes preach theirs.
and the fact that even in alternative places this attitude dominates, makes it worse still.

another thing about danes: danes think they are so funny, when actuallly they are just plain silly.
and believe me i can tell.
i spent a weekend attending a workshop where people revealed it all.

from now on my northern most vantage point will be amsterdam. possible exception: finland.

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