magic sheep fluff

my mate dj ramax sent me an invite announcing a gig of his new project tastatur. it’s him and daniel wihler, on their myspace you can hear 4 tracks of pretty awesome, clicky funkiness. they play tonite 8.6.2007 11:00 @ formbar, sandrainstrasse 10, 3007 bern, too late for me, but i highly recommend it.

this is what dj ramax defines as magic on his website, sheeeeeeps.mp3 – a must hear.
i love it love it love it, could listen to it all day, on a loop. it reminds me of the frolicking lambs we observed in ireland:

but then as it goes, via youtube, i discovered this video, quite hard to watch, but still magic:

so what am i saying? i have no idea tbh. just another case of clicking around the interweb and some sort of a story emerging. that’s all.

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