nostalgic retro monday: sf protests 1990

san francisco protests 1
san francisco protests 2
san francisco protests 3

these three photos were taken during a creative anti-corporation protest in san francisco’ financial district, it must have been around 1990 or so. it was a day with particularly magical light which makes these photos special imho. what the three photos have in common, is that all of them show dave dictor of MDC (millions of dead cops, millions of deformed children, multi death corporations, etc.). earlier, when we tried to decide, if we should move to san francisco back in 1986, it was a time of strong anti-american sentiments. the fact that dave and his band as well as jello biafra and the dead kennedys lived in san francisco convinced us, that there must be cool people there.

photo 1: dave dictor dancing to the funky drums in front of the san francisco stock exchange with the watchman glaring into the sun, i love the double shadow thingie on the pillar.
photo 2: on the right, dave again, on the left this is detti in his berkley days. this is one of the rare photos where blurry works for me.
photo 3: if you check out the various people here you get a good idea how heterogenic political protests were back in the days. dave can be seen from the back here, just behind and to the right of the girl with the mask facing the camera.

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