intel inside – idiot outside


i believe, i got stuck in a loop in the throngs of the windows world and i cant seem to get out… can anybody please help me?

here’s what i did: yesterday i bought the parallels 3 upgrade, because they had announced, that it now allows for pc games to be installed and played. later i found out, tooo late, that this does not count for the latest generation of games, but only for crappy older games and none of the MMOs. of course the question that begs to be asked here is, am i a bloody noob or what?

one should never trust what these guys claim for their softwares without doublechecking – them.

ok ok, so i decided to give bootcamp a try, and went on to install a window xp system on a partition of my macbook. the installation went well enough, good job there, but then of course i couldn’t connect to the internet. easy enough that one, i thought, i forgot to install the drivers for ethernet and wifi airport. and apple even delivers these drivers with bootcamp. so i burned a cd, inserted, insta … but but but … not too fast, buster, not too easy. windows informed me that “this package requires a newer version of windows installer. do you want to update the version of your windows installer on your system?”. well, nice of you to ask, and yes please. i clicked yes. but then i was informed: “the required resource “UPDATE” is missing”. erm.

so. erm. i dunno, erm, but am i correct to assume, erm, that in order to update my windows installer i would have to be able to connect to the internet and in order to do that i would have to install the missing drivers, which i can’t install because the installer is outdated. can you see the loop form hell there? help? anyone?

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