fcBBBB niene meehhh

itz a strange strange strange phenomenon…
the swiss inferiority complex tends to take on strange forms sometimes

normally we do not like the football club from basel.
the eeefffftsseeeebbbb
hate would be too strong a word, but not like definatly cuts it.
they have the most stupid fans in switzerland.
fans who at away games attack fathers with their sons on their way out af a stadium.
fans who attack other fans with fireworks.
and on the pitch they usually play an ugly ugly football.
ugly yet efficient. kick and rush.

yet when they pass the qualis of the champions leage,
with loads, buckloads, tons of luck…
we all go… nutz? haywire? berzonkers?

swiss chauvinism abounds.
david beat goliath, we acclaim
liverpool is out, basel is in.
and all of a sudden the swiss all love this fc basel ???

why are the swiss so caught up in this inferioity complex?

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