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the most overhyped gadget ever? we hope so

:flash: Battle of the Buttons – Will the iPhone Succeed? – “You can’t add software. You’re prevented from using the network you like for all your activities. You’re trapped in the walled garden that is US mobile. If your software needs are exactly what Steve Jobs and AT&T dictate and if you don’t mind AT&T’s hand in your wallet, then fine. But my recommendation is to buy an open device that maximizes your power and control of your software and pocketbook.” and i didn’t even know the one about the crippled wifi …. ha haaaa.

:flash: Apple iPhone vs Nokia N95 – i am glad to read that in comparison the N95 says yes where the iPhone no says on all the features that really matter: 3G, exchangable battery, expansion slot, user can install third party software, voip. and let’s not forget the N95’s 5 megapixel cam, even if it starts up way too slow.

:flash: OMG! I Got An iPhone! – spoof iPhone version of the original and still very scary Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR video. [via bb]

:flash: First iPhone Campers Not What Apple Expected – “this grumpy guy is probably not what Apple expected when it envisioned the perfect customer for the iPhone.”

one question remains, why is it that eventho all the experts [gizmodo, endgadget, wired, boingboing] were dismissive, the hype never ceased to get bigger? i could well imagine that many buyers will wake up to a bad hangover when they realise how they fell prey to pure hype, noticing how much the iPhone will cost them compared to how limited it is.

epilepsy enducing webdesign

:flash: MIA – weeee. i R flashing website, roooaaarrrr.

:flash: Cassette Playa – Aceeeed sartorialism – the designer of the M.I.A. website.

:flash: paper rad – maybe the inspiration, but more likely similar myspace sites are.


:flash: Latin You Should Know. – “mostly, it’s worth learning a bit of Latin because omnia dicta fortiori, si dicta Latina: everything sounds more impressive when said in Latin.” Quod erat demonstrandum!

:flash: Secrets, Cubes and Corporations: An Interview With Douglas Rushkoff – “We get deep into cult phenom The Secret, his next book Corporatized: The Myth of Self Interest and the influential mindfuckery of Muppet master Jim Henson’s trippy short film The Cube.”

:flash: Warren Ellis To Join Suicide Girls As A Columnist – “SuicideGirls is excited and proud to announce that writer Warren Ellis will begin his new column “The Sunday Hangover” on July 1st 2007.” and warren can hardly believe it: “Once a week, they will be paying me actual money to write The Sunday Hangover, wherein I will basically be emptying my brain on to the screen. Which, frankly, may be just as disgusting as it sounds.”

:flash: Improve Your Sex Life with Yoga – “But better sex? Really? You betcha. Yoga offers myriad physical and emotional benefits that add up to more fun between the sheets and a more fulfilling, meaningful sexual relationship with your partner.”

:flash: Finally – iPlayer to launch next month – “You’ll be able to download shows up to 7 days after they are aired on normal TV; once you’ve downloaded it you’ll have a maximum of 30 days to watch it back – but once you’ve started watching, you’ll only have 7 days to finish before the file is automatically erased.” and it does so using the microsoft drm.

:flash: Giant microwave turns plastic back to oil – “A US company is taking plastics recycling to another level – turning them back into the oil they were made from, and gas.”

:flash: Face your pockets! – “Things that are living in the pockets of your bag, jeans or jacket.” [via frenzine]

:flash: My favourite Glasto shot… – and mine…

:flash: Videogame addiction NOT a mental disorder confirm experts – “There have doubtless been lost jobs, failed relationships, sudden acts of frustrated violence and, more disturbingly, a handful or reported deaths from extended MMORPG sessions, but nothing to pin a major mental disorder on.” pheew.

:flash: Immaculate Mp3s and Tiny Doodles – excellent mp3 blog publishes doodly drawings with each track.

:flash: – this band has a very meditative sound.

:flash: Purr – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – now there’s a question worth investigating: “How Felines Purr”

:flash: How fat would you have to be to stop a bullet? – “Have you ever wondered how fat you would have to be to stop a bullet? Well we did, and we went to the Cavendish Laboratory to find out.” i havent wondered, but hey, it’s another rather interesting question.

online video killed …

:flash: bumblebeez – dr. love – it has been awhile since i was that exited about a music video. fantastic!!!11! fat boy slim: praise you comes to mind.

:flash: Flight of the Conchords – Humans Are Dead Video – the greatest binary solo ever? we think so… [via bb]

:flash: Theremin Cover Version of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy – stunning.

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