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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

free music

:flash: Cracked Pepper: Online now – “Cracked Pepper pisses on Revolved from a great height and I can’t wait to get everything online.” beatles mashup album by CCC.

:flash: l a b r a d o r Summer Sampler 2007 – “Well, putting the massive 68-track Labrador Summer Sampler 2007 on our server didn’t work quite as smoothly as we’d hoped.”


:flash: Real World Racer: A Google Maps Racing Game – “for maximum enjoyment, make “bvvv, bvvvvv” noises as you accelerate and “EEEEE” noises as you turn” [via b3ta]

:flash: The 10 Hardest PC Games – “ten brilliant PC games that are so hard they should have come with a hair loss warning. Complete all ten and yours is the world and all that’s in it, and what’s more you’ll be a man, my son.”

:flash: World of Warcraft Addiction Stories – “How about this…A couple were just sentenced to prison because they were TOO BUSY WITH WoW TO FEED THEIR BABY!!!”

:flash: “I’d close World of Warcraft!” MUD creator Richard Bartle on the state of virtual worlds – “If you could take over control of one major MMORPG – which would you choose and what would you do with it? I’d take over World of Warcraft and I’d close it. I just want better virtual worlds.”

:flash: Google Fight : Make this fight with googleFight pieceoplastic VS jan zuppinger – is it a problem if my chat alt beats my real name?


:flash: FFFFOUND! – “FFFFOUND! is a web service that not only allows the users to post and share their favorite images found on the web, but also dynamically recommends each user’s tastes and interests for an inspirational image-bookmarking experience!!”

:flash: ‘I don’t think bloggers read’ – “Andrew Keen says the internet is populated by second-rate amateurs – and that it is swiftly destroying our culture.”

:flash: The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face. – “When the iPhone was first announced, CEO Steve Jobs spewed enough BS to cover a football field full of babies 3 feet deep in bullshit” [via b3ta]

:flash: Digital Arts Week in Zurich – review of digital arts week.

:flash: Guardian Monthly R.I.P. – oh noes, we just received a letter informing us that they are stopping publication of our latest favorite mag.

:flash: The Arousal Industry – ““It’s nice to be naughty,” claims the buxom hotty in a certain widely disseminated ad for, one of online dating’s biggest players.”

:flash: FETISH BUBBLEGIRLS/// – “There are sprayers who work several days on a commission for the municipal waste management. There are others who sneak through dirty subway tunnels to write their name on a train within five minutes at night. And there’s TILT who prefers painting on n

:flash: Rampage puts tank’s owner right off track – guy steals tank to flatten mobile phone antenas, cause he claims he suffers from their emissions [via de-bug]

:flash: CROOKED LITTLE VEIN: A Preview – “Fuck Harry Potter: the first chapter of CROOKED LITTLE VEIN now available for your perusal.”

:flash: Shop Staff Strip Off In Protest At Packaging – “Wimbledon shoppers got an eyeful of a cheeky display this afternoon when staff at Lush stripped off.”

:flash: iPhone delivers more misses than hits – “Apple and AT&T deliver plenty of great features in the iPhone, but the list of shortcomings is too extensive to ignore.”

:flash: Wish for rain to wash away Homer – “Pagans have pledged to perform “rain magic” to wash away a cartoon character painted next to their famous fertility symbol – the Cerne Abbas giant.” may explain the shitty weather we’ve had recently…

:flash: quick and rough but…. – good throw, homer. but pagans prolly still are not amused.

:flash: I’m Your Biggest Fan! – “Reviving the lost art of the fan letter. A little appreciation goes a long way.”

:flash: Miro – free, open source internet tv and video player – democracy player is now called miro and their website just relaunched.

:flash: Get the hell off our internet. – one man’s vendetta to get junk off “our” internet. i think…

:flash: Roadsworth Hits The Tour De France – “Roadsworth’s Tour de France installation in the UK”

:flash: Shhhhh! look! there’s another one! – oh, what comes there

:flash: David Cerny – uplne oficialni stranka – csek artist made a piece called brownnosers.

:flash: Happy Blogiversary – happy 10. birthday, blog “he spell check on Microsoft Word has yet to awaken to the concept of the blog. Type in “blogging,” for instance, and you will promptly earn a disapproving underscore in red, with the suggestion that “bogging,” “clogging,” “flogging” or “slogging” (unappetizing alternatives all) might, in truth, be the word you seek.”


:flash: Zur Zukunft des Internet – “Gegen Bill Gates Microsoft und Co. waren die Pharaos Waisenknaben. Daran kann man sehen, wie man in 30 Jahren zum reichsten Mann der Welt wird, indem man sich in einem rechtslosen Raum ein Monopol schafft und die Vertragsfreiheit sowie die Wahlmöglichkeiten abschafft. Wir fangen gerade erst an, uns zu fragen: Muss das eigentlich sein? Das bedeutet in der Konsequenz, dass der Staat, und der Staat ist nicht die Politik, der Staat, das sind wir, die Bürger, hat klar versagt und hat sich von der Computerindustrie versklaven lassen. Jetzt kann man sich auch vorstellen, was wünschenswert wäre, nämlich mehr Wahlmöglichkeiten.” Ein Gespräch mit Peter Weibel.

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