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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

the internet

:flash: Infoporn: Despite the Web, Americans Remain Woefully Ill-Informed – “More than a decade after the Internet went mainstream, the world’s richest information source hasn’t necessarily made its users any more informed.”

:flash: The Internet Makes Us Dumberer – “Despite the internet? Through that lens, this study is no surprise at all: Let’s foist the most distracting blink-box in history on a nation of idiots begging to be distracted and see if they linger on the boring parts.”

:flash: get the fuck off the internet! – vacations? boring!!!

:flash: Ubisoft finds Lost and calls in Heroes – “Ubisoft has revealed the first details of its tie-in with hit series Lost, due out on Xbox 360, PC and PS3 in Q1 2008.” could be a very confusing game.

:flash: Human Brain Cloud: View – massively multiplayer word asociation “game”.

:flash: WoW hits 9 million – “Blizzard have announced that WoW has 9 million subscribers – and that’s before the Burning Crusade expansion pack is launched in China.” 9 million idiots like me?


:flash: Disabled athlete may be too fast for his own good – “100 Metres in 10.91 Seconds by a Man With No Legs”

:flash: wordy windows tattoo – a rather odd choice for a tattoo, but funny.

:flash: Stop. – smart idea! and very effective. shadow graffiti.

:flash: Not a stranger – “I think the English language needs a new word: something that describes a person who is less than an acquaintance, but more than a stranger.”

:flash: PIKAPIKA: PIKA PIKA 2007 release! – “This animation was created from a lighting doodle project through which we met various people in various places.”

:flash: 50 craziest celebrity baby names – “Glamour model Jordan and her former pop star husband Peter Andre have named their baby daughter Princess Tiaamii.” oh lord…

:flash: Physical Activity at Work – “People who work at their desks all day tend to stay in one position for a long time. The exercises in these videos are designed to counter the effects of sitting at your desk.” doing that as we speak, erm write…

:flash: Graffiti politics – “Printing, publishing, blogging – the normal modes of conveying information aren’t always the most effective, especially when your access to tools is limited or your message won’t wait.”

:flash: Redheads at Improv Everywhere – “or our latest mission, over 50 redheads rode the subway together and protested a Manhattan Wendy’s for their “racist logo.””

:flash: KissMat-2 Flash Game – kissing game, no really. kinda cute

:flash: [ The Devil’s Dictionary Dot Com ] – “The Devil’s Dictionary was a newspaper weekly first collected as a book in 1906. ”

swiss focus

:flash: Bleicheli Stadtlounge – “The winning “Stadtlounge” or “city lounge” proposal, by artist Pipilotti Rist and the Carlos Martinez architectural firm, features a bright red surfacing that appears to have swept in like the tide, covering everything in its path.” [via BB]

:flash: LIFT in Asia – “Big news today: we can officially announce that LIFT is moving to Asia in 2008, adding a conference in Korea to the European event in Geneva!”


:flash: Leser-Reporter: Was macht die Nackte an der Tanke? – naked lady in a ferrari shopping at a gasstation makes the news in germany.

:flash: Nachtkritik – Rütlifeier von Ariane von Graffenried – ein theaterschmarrn zum rütli-theater.

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