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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

instruments for dj’s

:flash: Tenori-On is finally here – “Tenori-On, the fantastic instrument by Toshio Iwai and Yamaha, will be launching in the UK. This September, Yamaha will showcasing this brand new and visually stunning interactive live performance instrument through a selection of carefully selected record shops across the country.” when in switzerland??? gief!

:flash: Controller One – musical instrument for DJ – turntable meets synthesizer in this new vestax instrument/turntable.


:flash: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – “Blizzard Entertainment’s latest expansion to World of Warcraft – Wrath of the Lich King – adds a host of epic content to the existing game world.” oh noes …

:flash: Statetris-Europe – tetris-like game using european states, and no worries there are hints for the microstates.

:flash: The genealogy of WoW /dance moves – “Okay, this actually made me squeal in delight. Some utter genius has mapped out some of the moves that “inspired” the WoW dance patterns: hardly inspiration in some cases, as you can see.” idd, *squeal***

schmooze and abuse

:flash: The Henry Rollins Show – America Is Under Attack – henry rollins rant for intenet freedom. [via bb]

:flash: Teen Arrested for Recording 20 Second Movie Clip – “Jhannet Sejas, a 19 year old girl was immediately arrested by the police after she recorded a 20 second clip from the movie “Transformers” that she wanted to show to her little brother. She now faces up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.” erm.

:flash: Is sugar more addictive than cocaine? – “Although quantifying substance addiction is difficult, if the answer to this question turns out to be definitive and “yes,” it’s likely that few people will be surprised.”

:flash: anymails – visualisation of my email inbox – “Anymails is a visualization of my received emails. I have investigated how I can use natural metaphors to visualize my inbox, its structure and attributes.”

:flash: beans – squish [via al4ie]

:flash: Polyvore – Explore – “The Polyvore editor lets you create sets using items saved from different web sites. The items you can use are listed in the editor tabs. You can also search for items by keyword, site, or color. After you have created a set, you can save, tag and share it with your friends.”

:flash: Guys And Dolls – “For some people finding a partner in life can be difficult.. 10 years ago, a small factory in California began making alternative partners.” disturbing but great. [via waxy]

:flash: International Podcastersurvey – Results – pdf download. “[we conducted an] International Podcastersurvey early this year and we are happy to present you some of the basic results of this study now”

:flash: Die Wunderbäume – floating trees without trunks. lovely idea.

:flash: Type the sky | Slanted – alphabet created by upwards shots in urban surroundings, letters are formed by the sky delinated with buildings.

:flash: I suppose he has to earn his keep, somehow – another great idea regarding the pagan wheatfield god/thing/something.

:flash: Cthulhu – a neat origami Cthulhu, why neat? —> [via neatorama]

:flash: BBC Corrupted – “Today the BBC made it official — they have been corrupted by Microsoft. With today’s launch of the iPlayer, the BBC Trust has failed in its most basic of duties and handed over to Microsoft sole control of the on-line distribution of BBC programming. From today, you will need to own a Microsoft operating system to view BBC programming on the web. This is akin to saying you must own a Sony TV set to watch BBC TV. And you must accept the Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) that the iPlayer imposes. You simply cannot be allowed to be in control of your computer according to the BBC.” sad.

:flash: About Blackle – Energy Saving Search – “Blackle was created by Heap Media to remind us all of the need to take small steps in our everyday lives to save energy. Blackle saves energy because the screen is predominantly black.” is black the new … erm … black?

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