all clocks are stopped clocks – on photo

stopped clocks

al4ie has re-launched his stopped clocks project; as he describes it:

This site is a hub for my thinking on stopped clocks, a place to aggregate images and locations of stopped clocks in the UK, as well as a focal point for people to collaborate in actually getting public clocks fixed. Please get in touch at:

alfie (at) stoppedclocks (dot)(com)

if you would like to chat about the project, or would like to collaborate/help in some way.


there is one slight problem though – all clocks are stopped clocks when presented in the form of a photograph. any photo of a stopped clock will therefore at best be hearsay. gosh, i should think about that one more, photography stopping time, fascinating, oh well… video would solve the issue. or timestamped photos taken at intervals.

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