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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]


:flash: The Pirate Party – “The Pirate Party of the United States, a sister organization to the Swedish Piratpartiet, has officially announced that it is forming a state party in Utah.”

:flash: Dongwook-Lee_Sailor.jpg – sailor anchovies, wee… [via]

:flash: 75% of the people who download Firefox don’t become active users | Technology | Guardian Unlimited – outch. “In order for Firefox to reach our market share goals, we need to improve our ability to retain users. Currently, approximately 50% of the people who download Firefox actually try it and about 50% of those people continue to use it actively.”

:flash: Apple Product Announcement Tuesday 10am – the new iMac revealed, on wired: “We’re going to turn to two elements from our professional line. Aluminum, and glass. We build our most professional products out of aluminum. it’s professional durable, and recyclable.”

:flash: Droste Effect Tutorial – “Here is a tutorial on how to do the droste effect using Mathmap- For Windows (also works for Linux and even Mac, but this tutorial specifically for Windows users).”

:flash: Artist Amber Hawk Swanson’s complicated relationship with her look-alike sex doll. By Kelly McClure – “An artist’s complicated relationship with her look-alike sex doll” “Swanson, a video and performance artist, had ordered her bride online: Amber Doll, a lifelike sex doll, was specially made to look just like her.” [via bb]

:flash: What the hell is smexting? – “Orange suggests England’s banned smokers are turning to ‘smexting’. Yes, it is OK for you to roll your eyes.”

:flash: Behold! The Feariodic Table! – *shiver

:flash: Damn, I am so busted, yo – “Forbes Senior Editor Behind Fake Steve Jobs Blog”

:flash: Axis of Evil Toy Series by Plastic God – “Los Angeles pop culture artist and notorious satirist Plastic God has been working with Glendale based vinyl art toy company Super Rad Toys to create his LEGO-like series of Axis of Evil toys”

:flash: Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife – “As awesome as it is ridiculous, this incredible triumph of engineering is packed with 85 fully functional implements and is said to have over 100 functions. Why? Well, why not?”

:flash: Top 10 Songs Stuck in Your Head – “No, it’s not an invasion of jungle insects. It’s worse. Earworms are those songs, jingles, and tunes that get stuck inside your head.”


:flash: PISS-SCREEN.COM — // An interactive urinary experience – “The Piss-Screen – a pressure-sensitive inlay set within urinals, enabling users to play while they pee … The game itself was displayed on a screen above each urinal, and would automatically start as soon as someone began to pee.”

:flash: GameBulge – Paintball The Game – “Draw your way to the finish, get through level after level of mazes with this addicting paint ‘ball’ game.”


:flash: Atheism: Jonathan Miller’s Brief History of Disbelief – Shadows of Doubt – “sincere and moving in this attempt to explain and understand the origins of the truth of disbelief of religious superstition and faith.”

:flash: Man vs. Kids – the story of how 2 itsy bitsy ninjas pwned a big one.


:flash: frisch notiert! – das hochwasser via citizen journalism erleben. statt gaffen gehen

:flash: pong.mythos Kornhausforum | Programm – “Pong – das simple digitale Ping-Pong-Spiel – schaffte 1972 als Spielautomat von Atari den kommerziellen Durchbruch für das neue interaktive Unterhaltungsmedium Computerspiel.”

:flash: pong.mythos – Ein Ursprungsmythos und seine Geschichte – “An exhibition about one ball, two bats, a playing field and our situation in a digital world” exhibit starts in bern 17.8.2007.

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