Pong Dress

yesterday we went to the pong.mythos exhibit. quite nice. next to the obvious pieces like pain station by //////////fur//// and Tft Tennis v180° by Dirk Eijsbouts there were also a number of artistic pong renditions that i had never seen before, most notable maybe Pong Dress that was shown – or should i rather say worn? – by one of its creators, i think her name is marguerite charmante.

from their website:

the little black dress as erotic real playground for pong? when marguerite charmante wears her new neck top and offers the game controllers, attached at her lap height. we cannot resist being seduced to play! a charming seduction for playing, since it is possible to play the stylish plastic LED-grid, which covers chest and stomach area of the dress. from underneath the electric circuit tracks shine through. they are bundled on the side of the heart. pong is the name of the game: hit the dot back and forth with two sticks – this time all new on a 3D playing field, that is moving, chatting and laughing. we hit the dot with some spin from the height of the belly button and aim at the left nipple.

Pong Dress

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