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burning man

:flash: First suicide at Burning Man; friends thought it was performance – “He dangled for two hours before anyone in the big tent thought to bring him down, said Mark Pirtle, special agent in charge. “His friends thought he was doing an art piece,” he said.”

:flash: Burning Man’s icon goes up in flames, 4 days prematurely – “A San Francisco man was arrested on felony arson charges today after the 40-foot-tall “Man” statue whose torching is the annual highlight of the Burning Man festival in Nevada went up in flames four days early”


:flash: A New Banksy? – cute recontextualisation of a phallus graphiti.

:flash: Braille Graffiti – video showing braile graffiti in portland oregon.


:flash: Yoga Zombies! We Are Them. They Are Us. – “the zombie film genre which explores a few ways that the zombie genre reflects and comments upon the fears and insanity of our culture.”

:flash: What You Can Learn from Zombie Movies – “No other horror creatures invite quite the same breadth of paranoid speculation as zombies, perhaps because they embody such a pure, reflective sense of terror”

online video killed …

:flash: Hurdler slips, goes face first into hurdle – “LUCKLESS Guenther Weidlinger puts the CHUMP into the World Athletics Championships yesterday as he careers head-first into a hurdle.”

:flash: Crosswalk Prank. – “High school students in Austin, Minnesota pulled this prank via an underground tunnel connecting the two school buildings.”

:flash: Groovy Dancing Girl #2 – a lil more info about groovy girl, turns out she’s irish.


:flash: Google Earth Flight Simulator – “What I’m talking about is a flight simulator embedded within GE. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?” hidden feature in the latest version of Google Earth. [via waxy]

:flash: Propaganda Demo – political posters sold as wallpapers for mobile phones? what a strange business model. [via art-threat]

:flash: Celeb Kids Quiz – i scored 75%. [via b3ta]

:flash: Bloggers battered by viral storm – “Google’s Blogger site is being used by malicious hackers who are posting fake entries to some blogs. The fake entries contain weblinks that lead to booby-trapped downloads that could infect a Windows PC.”

:flash: The Wachowski brothers are no more! – “It is no big secret that Larry Wachowski, one half of the filmmaking duo “The Wachowski Brothers”, has been undergoing gender reassignment.” it’s the wachowski siblings now.

:flash: ARTWORD – Two words – a short story. – “The play on words within words is, thereby, much more than a mere postcard collection. A philosophical thought is always behind topics such as human rights, politics, eroticism or wisdom.”

:flash: Schmap – Dynamic Travel Guides – schmap are interactive city guides – now available for mac.

:flash: Nokia unveils N-Gage (again) – “Set for launch in November, owners of compatible handsets will be able to download the N-Gage app to their phones”

:flash: The World Without Us – “without us on earth, what traces of us would linger? what would disappear?”

:flash: Radio Robot Mk 2 – “The Radio Robot Mk 2, AKA Radio Man was the brain child of Swiss engineer August Huber, who tinkered him together in the early ’30s. It not only had microphone ears, leg-mounted batteries, and shortwave control, but it is indisputably the first robot in history to be able to yodel.”

:flash: Second City – “The Architecture & Design Competition in Second Life is being launched this year as an annual, open competition.”

:flash: Comics Britannia Season – “The new three-part documentary Comics Britannia is the centrepiece of a whole season on BBC Four celebrating UK comics and US artists’ influence upon them.”

:flash: Douche Bag — Our first official WordPress plugin – “Most people are nice in person. For some reason, when they have a monitor hiding their face, a few of them act like douchebags.”

:flash: Nefertiti – bruce sterling says: “In the meantime, here’s a remarkable novel you might find of interest. I didn’t write it. I did tinker with the English syntax a little. Not so you’d notice, really.”

:flash: Rise and Shine! – “A reader recently asked why men get morning wood. Erections are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Translation: when a guy is relaxed, erections are most likely.” zickezacke sagt die morgenlatte.

:flash: College student hopes her 765 hugs broke a record – “Jordan Pearce, 18, said she hugged 765 people in less than an hour Saturday and plans to send the results to Guinness World Records.”

:flash: Code Monkeys – geeky nintendo style animation show on G4.

:flash: The IT Crowd – Series 1 [2005] – a must by. the it crowd season one dvd comes with subtitles in Leet – or should i say 1337?

german/swiss focus

:flash: tom kummer: ein ort für sean penn und johnny depp – gemeint ist bern. “Ich begegne Blogger-Genies beim Chindlifresser-Brunnen, Leute, denen die Stadt zu Füssen liegen müsste. Aber noch kann sie keiner so richtig durchschauen, oder besser: bezahlen.” wen er da bloss meinen könnte?

:flash: Kuscht die Schweiz vor Microsoft?: Disput um einen Programmstandard – “Stützt die Schweiz offiziell die Vormachtstellung von Microsoft, oder stellt sie sich gegen den Giganten?” [via hannes]

:flash: Setbesuch ‘IT-Crowd’ in Hürth – “seit Ende Juni wird für Sat.1 auch eine deutsche Version der Serie gedreht.” [via de-bug]

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