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burma and blogs

:flash: Internet cut in Myanmar, blogger presses on – “The Internet connection in Myanmar was cut Friday, limiting the free flow of information the nation’s citizens were sharing with the world depicting the violent crackdown on monks and other peaceful demonstrators.”

:flash: Blogs helping expose Myanmar horrors – “Armed with a laptop, a blogger named Ko Htike has thrust himself into the middle of the violent crackdown against monks and other peaceful demonstrators in his homeland of Myanmar.”

:flash: With mobiles and internet, protesters battle to keep world’s eyes on Burma – “It is risk,” he says. “The soldiers arrest anyone who takes photos, destroy their phones and beat them up. But we have to show the world what is happening.”

Italy goes SecondLife – the good news or the bad news first?

:flash: Union Protest against IBM held in SecondLife – “International Union Protesters Converge on IBM: Company refuses comment, strike leaders claim success, 1850 total attendance (including bananas and geometric dissenters). As the labor union strike finally came to a close a couple hours ago, protest leader (and Italian IBM staffer) Barillo Kohnke looked out over the crowd of several dozen still there at the IBM Italia region, and declared victory.”

:flash: Armani opens store in virtual world’s Second Life – “Fashion designer Giorgio Armani has opened up shop in virtual world Second Life, with a store modeled on his flagship location in Milan, his company said in a statement on Wednesday.”


:flash: new range – ikea’s new range of ninja weapons.

:flash: Women Dressed As Ninjas Rob Gas Station With Sword – “Women Dressed As Ninjas Rob Gas Station With Sword”, love it! a sword!

online video killed …

:flash: Swedish hostess THROWS UP on live TV! – “The girl throws up. And then when she comes back she cheers the whole situation and tells to the guy and the viewers that she is in her period right now, and it’s live television so anything can happen.”

:flash: New Swedish Game Show – ‘Make Me Puke!’ – and the b3ta remix.

:flash: Lars Holdhus: WE SHOULD STILL MOVE ON – nsfw video of a guy lipsynching “like a virgin” rather poorly while a girl is masturbating next to him on a bed. i have no idea what the message is, but this is somehow brilliant. [via vvork]

schmooze and abuse

:flash: Conservatives cock-up over pound again – “The Blaby Conservative Future site, run by young Tories in Leicestershire, unleashed this entry in June 2006. They used a picture sourced at a personal homepage site, and rather than downloading and hosting the image file lazily linked it. Apparently, the owner noticed yesterday, and didn’t appreciate the Conservatives sucking on his bandwidth. He decided to pump their Blogger page with a different image, as exposed below. It comes from top Photoshop humourists”

:flash: Super Letter Game! – amazing game: collect the letters of the alphabet, but do not press the letter Z. [via b3ta newsletter]

:flash: Lawsuit Against Virgin Mobile and Creative Commons – “Texas against Virgin Mobile and Creative Commons. The plaintiffs of the lawsuit are the parents of a student whose image in a CC-licensed photograph was used by Virgin Mobile in an advertising campaign and the photographer who took the original picture of the student and posted it on Flickr.”

:flash: Toscani anorexia campaign angers experts – “The image of Isabelle Caro, a young French woman weighing only 31 kilos and resembling a concentration camp victim, appeared on Monday on billboards all over Italy and on the centre-fold of a top newspaper.” we saw this advert on a huge billboard passing through milano by train and i can’t say it left me indiffernt; helas: “You can die from this disease,” he said. “If they really want to prevent it, it would be better to help young women accept a variety of body measurements and understand that beauty comes in all sizes.”

:flash: lasso/II – the photoshop lasso tool in a new context.

:flash: Inmate’s suit claims O.J. Simpson is “hitman” for Steve Jobs – “A South Carolina inmate notorious for filing frivolous and fanciful lawsuits against public figures has used his latest complaint to accuse Apple chief executive Steve Jobs of employing O.J. Simpson as a “hitman” for the past two decades …” hell, i believe it. 😉

:flash: peterart_029_op_600x800.jpg – “Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man limited edition hand grenades available. Contact Peter…” [via bb]

:flash: Conspiracy of Dunces? – “Yes, I believe that 9-11 theorizing debilitates the counterculture. It robs us of some potentially creative thinkers.”

:flash: Boris website down after legal row – “Boris Johnson’s website was shut down today following legal action by Uzbek billionaire and Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov.”

swiss/german focus

:flash: Statt Papier- nun eine Ständerflut – “In Bern ist das Interesse an den Ständern zur Verteilung der neuen Gratiszeitung .ch äusserst gering.”

:flash: Komitee Rauchverbote-NEIN – der bisher bizarrste auswuchs des schweizerischen wahlkampf-herbstes: “Willkommen beim Komitee Rauchverbote-NEIN
Schluss mit diesen ewigen Verboten! Schluss mit der Hetzkampagne gegen Raucher!”

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